10 Days With iPhone 11 Pro Max

I decided that I will finally upgrade my Macbook this year, and the opportunity came so suddenly as my brother was in urgent need for a Macbook, so I decided to pass mine over and get myself a new one — Yes, He got it free of charge, that’s the benefit of being the younger brother!
And since I already
sold my iPad
that I got one week after I bought it. Like a 10-year-old kid, I launched
Apple’s store
and went on to choose my new Macbook.
Assuming that I would order it and It would be delivered in 1–2 days as usual. I forgot one important thing, that in the current climate delays are to be expected. The delivery date was pushed by ten days!
So now, not having an iPad or a Macbook. I was only left with my sturdy iPhone 11 Pro Max to manage my life. LOL!
Did I survive? The short answer is, not really.
However, here I’d like to share with you two Apps that half-saved my life and helped me pull it through these days.
Pro tip: always make sure that your new laptop has arrived before deciding to get rid of your old one!

For Work: Office by Microsoft

This application is amazing and insanely polished. Having an office subscription and access to 1 TB on Onedrive, I stored all my Workspace over there, and the app easily opens up word documents saves them straight away. The application is so fluid that I decided to give it a shot and write an article on it, I bet I would have succeeded but for the small screen of the iPhone.
The scan document feature is one the best that I used so far; you don’t have to position yourself over the paper exactly and avoid shades etc, All you need to do is just do your best and capture the photo, and the Application will take care of the rest.

For Email: Spark

For the last few years, Apple’s built in mail app has been upping its game, but we all know there is a lot to be done for it to match most of the 3rd party apps. My top contenders were always Gmail app and Spark. Both of them, when customized to your liking, can be exactly the same. What separates spark from the fold is one feature: scheduled emails. I always prefer scheduling all my emails to go out in the early morning hours for two reasons: One, It arrives on top of the recipient’ inbox and Two, when I set them to be delivered at 5 AM in the morning, to appear that I am an early morning person — which clearly I am not!
I was brought up to use what I have really. When I didn’t have a laptop or an iPad, Unless It was really urgent, I took the decision to add whatever task I have to a To-Do list. I then used that time to focus on part-read a textbook, and shift my time to doing things that don’t involve a screen to look at.
If you ever find yourself in my situation, I recommend that you borrow anything to get your work done however, that experience is not for everyone to go through.
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