6 Hidden iPhone Settings That Could Save Your Life

Were you aware there are 5 iPhone settings that could truly save your life? If not, then this guide is for you. In this article, I’ll tell you about five iPhone features that can actually save your life in emergency situation.

While mobile phones have been very useful since their inception, there are even more features to take advantage of if you own aniPhone. Time to take yours out and discover how easy it is to gain peace of mind.

It’s hard to remember what it’s like to not have a mobile phone. From young to old, most people carry one at all times. However, youriPhone features more helpful settings than you may even realize.

iPhone settings that could save your life

Here are six iPhone settings that could save your life during emergency:

#1. Do Not Disturb While Driving

Smartphones are great safety devices, but they can also lead to distracted driving. Personally, I’ve been distracted by my phone when I’ve been driving before. Fortunately, I’ve never gotten in an accident, but I’ve had a couple of close calls. I think a lot of us have.”
The “Do Not Disturb While Driving” setting will silence your incoming messages and calls during your drives. Simply follow these steps to turn off do not disturb while driving:
Head over to “Settings,” > “Do Not Disturb,” > “do not disturb while driving. We recommend setting it to “Automatically.”

#2. Emergency SOS

This setting will help you call 911 with just a few taps of your iPhone. Moreover, if ever you were in another country, it’ll contact the local emergency services in that location. Simply follow these steps:

Head over to “Settings” > “Emergency SOS” > turn on the switch next to “call with side button.”
Here’s how it works. By quickly pressing sleep/wake button 5 times, it’ll bring up an option to contact emergency services (Emergency SOS). This could be a lot easier than fumbling around with your iPhone in a precarious situation.

#3. Share My Location

This setting is helpful during times when you want your family and friends to know where you are. For example, if you were going on a hike – or perhaps if your child had a field trip and you needed to track their location. It’s a nifty feature that could come in handy in a variety of situations. Simply follow these steps:
Head over to “Settings,” > “Privacy,” > “Location Services,” > “Share my Location.” Turn on the switch next to “share my location”

Next is where you’ll go to contacts and select who you want to share your location with, and for what duration of time.

#4. Wi-Fi Calling

This feature uses Wi-Fi network to make calls rather than cellular, which can come in handy in areas with poor cell coverage. But there’s an extra setting for very remote areas so that emergency services can locate you. Simply follow these steps:

Head over to “Settings” > “Cellular,” > “Wi-Fi Calling.” This is where you’ll find “Update Emergency Address.” Here you can enter where you’ll be.

#5. Medical ID

This feature allows you to store all your medical information and provides you an easy way to access it as well. It’s located in your iPhone’s “Health” app.

On the Medical ID you can enter personal information like blood type, allergies, medical conditions, etc. This feature is useful as you can easily hand your iPhone to first responders in an emergency.

You can even fill in “Emergency Contacts.” If ever you use Emergency SOS – these people will even get an alert notification about it.

Your Medical ID too can be accessed with the 5 quick side button taps. However, you’ll have to add your information through the Health app.

#6. Government emergency notifications

In the U.S., iPhones can receive the following emergency and AMBER alerts:

  • Alerts issued by the President or government agencies
  • Alerts involving imminent threats to safety or life
  • AMBER alerts
  • Alerts for extreme weather conditions

Apple devices also receive similar alerts in Japan. Simply follow these steps:
Head over to
Settings>Notifications > Government Alerts. Here you can turn on or off specific alert types.
These features could truly save your life!

iPhone settings that could save your life! Now you know

You’ve successfully enabled iPhone features that could save your life during emergency situations. We hope you found this guide helpful. Did any of these tips surprise you? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!
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