How to Access the Download Manager in Safari for iOS

If you have ever used the desktop version of Safari, you are probably familiar with the browser’s Downloads pane, which helps you keep track of any currently

downloading and downloaded files.


iOS 13 and iPadOS

apple brings a download manager to Safari. If you tap on a link to a certain file, that file will then be downloaded to a folder. Even better, you can change the location of that download folder.

When you tap on a link to a file, Safari now pops up a dialog asking if you want to download that file. Tapping download, the file

will be downloaded to a new Downloads folder at the root level of your iCloud Drive by default. You can tap on a little download icon that is displayed in the top right corner of the screen to check the status of your downloads, and tapping the magnifying glass adjacent to a file will open its folder location, whether stored

Locally on your device or in the cloud.

files downloaded in Safari are saved in the “Downloads” section of the Files app by default, however, you can change the storage location: Just launch

the Settings app, tap on Safari section, then tap Downloads. From this screen you will see available download locations .To store downloaded files in

iCloud Drive,

on your iPhone, or in other storage providers such as dropbox

If you tap on the Other… option, you can head over to any folder on your device. To locate your downloaded files, just navigate to that folder in the Files app.

safari settings

The Downloads screen in Safari settings also provides an option to Remove Download List Items automatically after one day, upon successful download as well as manually.

Its also worth noting that, when uploading a file through Safari, it will indicate the size of the file before sending it. Very cool.