Apple Releases iOS 12.4.2 Update for Older iPhones and iPads


iOS 13

has been available for a week now, Apple today released an iOS 12.4.2 update designed for those who are still running versions of iOS 12 on devices that

aren’t able to be updated to iOS 13.

Apple is making iOS 12.4.2 available for the original


Air, the iPad mini 2, the iPad mini 3, the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and sixth-generation

iPod touch,

all of which are not compatible with iOS 13.

The iOS 12.4.2 update can be downloaded on eligible devices over the air by opening up the Settings app, selecting the General section, and tapping on

Software Update.

It’s not clear what’s included in iOS 12.4.2, but it is likely a security update that adds important security fixes for older devices that weren’t able

to get those updates through the newer software.

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