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Apple’s accessibility consistency

This article will explore Apple’s consistent attention to accessibility, and how other tech companies with commitments to accessibility, like Microsoft and Google, compare to Apple in their accessibility efforts. It also shows where these companies can improve their consistency, and that no company is perfect at being an Assistive Technology provider yet.

Apple’s Ecosystem and Accessibility

Earlier this year, my Airpods Pro began making a clicking sound, when in Noise Cancellation or transparency mode. I didn’t think much of it, and just used them regularly, until sound began distorting after a while of listening. I’ve simply stopped using them, as I shudder to think how much a cab ride to the […]

A brighter Apple: XCode on iOS 14

Coding has always been hard for me. I’ve never been able to get my mind around loops, if and else, for and while, and break almost breaks me instead of the code. However, many people make it look easy, and for them, it probably is. In iOS 14, Apple may loosen their chains upon their […]

Open Source Blindness

What if all of your software were free, like NVDA? What if the only thing asked of you by software makers was to donate or contribute? How would this effect your life, and the lives of developers? In this article, I will explain what open source is, what it is currently used for, my experiences […]