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Quickly Disable Annoying iPhone Notifications Without Digging Through Settings

Are you overwhelmed by your iPhone’s notifications? Do you find yourself losing track of conversations and important alerts due to excessive clutter? Don’t bother digging through your settings to disable the annoying notifications, because there’s an easy way to control these alerts — right from Notification Center itself. Notifications are great, however, the disadvantage of […]

iTunes not recognizing iPhone? Here’s how to fix

You plugged your iPhone into your computer, but nothing’s happening! For some reason, iTunes won’t recognize your iPhone. In this step-by-step guide, I’ll tell you why iTunes is not recognizing your iPhone and show you how to fix the problem permanently! Why Isn’t iTunes Recognizing My iPhone? The reason why iTunes is not recognizing your iPhone is […]

How To Copy Paste On iPhone? Know Steps

You want to copy and paste a text message or quickly share a website URL with someone, but you’re not sure exactly how to do it. No problem. In this article, I’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to copy and paste on an iPhone so you can save time when typing! Copy and paste […]

iPhone Battery Die so fast? Here’s Why & How to Fix It

While Apple’s flagship product provides users with constant connectivity and entertainment, it does come with its tradeoffs. One of the biggest issues iPhone users experience is poor battery life. With most people bringing their device with them everywhere they go, a draining battery bar can prove to be frustrating. If your iPhone battery die so […]