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Apple iPhone 12 Preview: Everything We Know So Far

New iPhones are around the corner. Apple is gearing up for releasing their most innovative smartphones in years with the iPhone 12 series. “The design is not just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works” — Steve Jobs Let’s discuss all the rumours that we’ve heard about the new […]

Three ways the iPad beats the Laptop

You probably use a laptop as a primary productivity tool, since it’s powerful and makes any task possible. And you probably think the iPad is a gorgeous tablet that is useful for people who don’t work with numbers, and who don’t multi-task between powerful apps to get work done. Which was the case until a […]

I Switched from Google Chrome to Safari! Here’s Why

I did it. I ditched the behemoth browser that is Google Chrome in favor of Safari. And here are the reasons. #1. Safari is faster For a long time, the collective response to the above points was “Sure, but nothing is better”. However, recent versions of Safari are faster, sleeker, and better than Chrome. Seriously, […]

Is the new (2020) MacBook Pro worth the investment?

Apple has finally said goodbye to the butterfly keyboard forever as new 13-inch Macbook Pro comes with Apple’s new and improved Magic Keyboard. I am currently writing this on a 2019 13-inch MacBook Pro, so will I be upgrading to the new one? Without any further ado, let’s discuss what’s new with the 2020 13-inch […]

7 amazing tips to Protect Your iPhone and Privacy in 2020

Apple has always been committed to privacy and honestly, an iOS device is more privacy oriented than an android device. However, you can tweak a few settings on your iPhone to preserve your personal privacy even more. Apple prides itself on setting a high standard for user privacy and data security on every device it […]

How to Use Your Apple Watch to Get Fit In 3 Steps

Indeed, with the current situation, you might have an excuse that you don’t need a beach body to show off. Nevertheless, fitness isn’t only about looking good. Moreover, it’s about feeling good. Which makes it more relevant than ever. We aren’t doing the most for our personal well-being currently, with all of us sitting mostly […]