Best Bill Sharing Apps for iPhone in 2022


Bill sharing apps are among the most wanted apps on the app store. Why? Well, it’s because they allow you to get rid of one of everyday life’s greatest
awkward conversations. That’s why this list of the best Bill sharing apps for iPhone comes in handy.

Whether you’re splitting lunch, dinner, coffee or even your rent, the discussion of who owes what can always be stressful. Even if everyone pays up, you sometimes end up feeling
like a bit of a jerk for being the one who has to always ask for money.

Bill sharing apps gets rid of so much of that awkwardness. They make it easy to share any common charges and pay or collect whatever you owe. To put it simply, they solve a common problem.

With that in mind, Here’s a comprehensive look of the best bill sharing apps for iPhone.

Best Bill sharing apps for iPhone

Our Best picks:


Venmo is one of the best bill sharing app on this list. Need to charge someone for something? You “Venmo” them. 

While there are better bill sharing apps for larger groups, I recommend everyone to install Venmo on their device. As we pointed out, its great reputation is a clear indication
that there’s a high possibility most people you need to charge will have it. Besides, it’s still one of the best person-to-person options on the marketplace.
It’s quick, reliable, and remarkably versatile.
You could argue that Venmo is one of the most essential Bill Sharing apps for 2020.


Love Venmo but wish it worked better with larger groups? Splitwise is pretty much exactly what you need. 

Splitwise is one of the best bill sharing apps for iPhone that makes it easier to split shared costs. Going on a trip with a large group of people and want to split most
purchases? SplitWise has you covered. Trying to keep track of costs for a project? Splitwise has you covered. 

While it’s fair to say that there are slightly better alternatives for those looking to split monthly bills and restaurant expenses, this is easily one of the
best bill-splitting apps for iPhone. 


On surface, SettleUp is quite similar to the other bill sharing apps foriPhone. The app makes it really easy to split shared expenses between multiple people.

There are a couple of things that makes this app stand out that we really love, though. Firstly, it has a very clean interface. That’s especially true of
the premium version which makes the process of creating sub-groups pretty easy. Secondly, it’s easy for one person to manage all expenses via this app. Thirdly, the app can handle a wide range of payment situations: When one person pays or multiple people have paid, it can split payments evenly based on the amounts
or allow you to select individual amounts for each person to pay. The share feature allows you to send expenses through e-mail, social media, WhatsApp or
any other channel. Expenses are backed up and synced for all people in the group so each person can see them.

Lastly, the app is very responsive which makes tracking expenses a fairly quick process. Put it all together, and you’ve got something pretty


Splitting the bill at a restaurant can sometimes be a nightmare. Everyone argues about what they ordered and trying to be the one to mediate it all tends to
ruin other people’s joy. 

Thankfully, Plates, an app from SplitWise, offers solution for that. It makes it easy for you to keep track of who is ordering what during a meal. From there,
you just send out the charges (with tips) and you’re ready to go. 

Although you can achieve something similar with other apps, this one’s restaurant specific features puts it far ahead of the general purpose


Love to use receipts but hate the idea of sharing them with others? Tab is one of those bill sharing apps that makes receipts communal information. 

It’s pretty easy. You simply take the picture of a receipt you got after a group purchase. You then select who is responsible for which items. You
can even ask them to select that information themselves. From there, you just charge everyone accordingly through Venmo. 

Tab is a great way to keep up with itemization without having to immediately resolve all expenses. 


Overlook the rather weird name. Splid is one of the best overall bill sharing apps for iPhone. 

What makes this app stand out? Well, it’s really all about the information. Few other bill sharing apps provide quite as much information as Splid does. The
ones that do rarely present that information as neatly as Splid. That makes it particularly perfect for larger groups on longer trips that really want to
see what they all bought. 

Splid might not apply for all occasions, however, it’s simply great for the instances when you really do require its enhanced features. 

Square Cash

At first glance, Cash from Square looks very similar to Venmo. Just like Venmo, it makes it really easy to request and send money from and to your friends.
However, Cash does more than that. 

Put it simply, Cash is actually more of a money management app in disguise. To be exact, the App allows you to do stuffs such as managing your Bitcoin and invest in stocks
as well as charge your friends. And even better, you can directly deposit your paycheck into the app. 

It’s explicit why other bill sharing apps don’t offer such features, however, they’re surely good to have on top of basic functions. 

Trip Splitter

Initially, it may seem unnecessary to download a bill sharing app that’s specifically designed for longer trips. Don’t most other bill sharing apps account
for that anyway? That’s true, however, Trip Splitter has some striking features that helps you appreciate its value in such situations. 

Actually, one of the best features of this app is how it makes it easy to track spending by location. For those who sometimes struggle to truly keep track of where
spending happened, that where Trip Splitter comes in handy. Trip Splitter also generally shines at offering an excess of information for everyone
who participates.

Those who value details, there is a lot to love about this incredibly rich app. 

Divvy Pay

Apps such as SplitWise works well for groups of friends, however, there are times when you want your bill sharing apps to do a bit more. Sometimes, you need an app
that allows you to share business expenses.

Divvy is a good example. It’s designed with small businesses and other such functionalities in mind. The app allows you to manage larger budgets and
expense reports between several employees. Such features might be unnecessary for small groups, however, they are important in a professional setting. 

Whether it’s a small or slightly larger business, Divvy is a remarkably nifty way to keep track of who is spending what.  


If you’ve got a number of people living under the same roof, then you know that keeping up with expenses can sometimes be stressful. How do you possibly juggle rent,
bills, and even buying small items between that many people? 

Acasa makes that process simple than you can imagine. The app makes it easy to assign expenses and easily keep a running tally of who owes what to whom.
It sends you a notification when everyone has been paid, and it even allows you to manage groceries and household items together with utility bills. 

Acasa is intelligently designed to cater for the modern needs of most people (and their roommates). 


In a perfect world, everyone who owes you money would pay on time and for the right amount. Shared expenses would be easily split, and there would be no argument about who owes who what. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world. 

For the world we do live in, Tricount is one of the best bill sharing apps available today. It allows you to keep a running tally of who owes what. One great thing about this app
is that it will adjust over time in order to accommodate for new expenses and other changes. 

This is one of the most dynamic bill sharing apps out there, and I recommend anyone who demands something a little more versatile to download it.

Whether its to divide up the cost of things like group dinners and group trips, We trust the above Bill-splitting apps have helped you so that everyone can pay their fair share. With bill-splitting apps for iPhone, you’ll be able to keep the peace between friends by cutting down on arguments about who owes what to whom.
And that covers everything about the Best Bill Sharing Apps for iPhone. We hope we are able to help you in one way or another. For more articles like this, please visit ourwebsite.

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