How to Bookmark Multiple Open Tabs in Safari for iOS

How often have we wished to bookmark multiple tabs in Safari on your iPhone or iPad but saving all of them individually, appears like a hectic chore?
Luckily, iOS 13 has a Nifty feature
that allows us to bookmark all of the open tabs in


There of been quite a few changes in iOS 13 in Safari browser like

Download manager


Managing website settings

on Safari. Performing the
close all tabs gesture
is one easy way for bringing back order to your Safari, however, This is not convenient especially when you are not through with looking at the open tabs, particularly when you are
busy carrying out a research for instance.
Obviously, you could always bookmark the open web pages for future reference.

The users of

iOS 13

have been quite astounded, pleased, and excited with these new Safari features.

In the previous versions of Safari, you would have to go through every single tab and bookmark them one by one, which could obviously take time to accomplish. Think of trying
to bookmark 30 tabs at a go? Luckily, we do not have to take that route with iOS 13.
In this article, I’ll explain how you can bookmark all the open tabs in safari with iOS 13. Here’s how
To do it.

How to Bookmark Multiple Open Tabs at Once in iOS 13 Safari

  1. Launch Safari.
  2. Make sure you have a few tabs open in Safari that you want to bookmark then, select one of those tabs, in the main brouser window
  3. Long press the Bookmark icon
    A popup menu will appear at the on the screen from which you can select Add Bookmarks for X Tabs, the X being the number of tabs open.
  4. Select ‘Add Bookmarks for (number of websites) tabs’ option. save the tabs in a new bookmarks folder. Keep in mind to give it a desirable title and select a location from the existing folder list in which you want to save the tabs.
    To access your bookmarks in Safari at any given point, just tap the Bookmarks icon in the main browsing interface to bring up all of your saved favorites and

That’s how simple and faster to bookmark multiple open tabs in Safari with iOS 13!