Top 30 YouTube Shortcuts You Need To Know

Shortcuts exist to make certain activities easier and faster, particularly on PC. There are certain actions that would normally require you to move, drag and click your cursor that you can execute with less than 2-3 keystrokes on your keyboard. This is basically why keyboard shortcuts are vital in our everyday lives; they save time […]

Top 40 Plus Keyboard Shortcuts for MacBook, MacBook Pro and iMac You Need To Know

Using keyboard shortcuts can help you do many things much faster on your Mac. You can control your system, work with documents, and navigate faster. Here are top 40 plus keyboard shortcuts for Macbook, MacBook Pro and iMac Users you need to know to help you fully utilize your Mac.

40 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts To Boost Your Productivity

The number of available keyboard shortcuts for windows 10 has increased and while it might take you some time memorizing and getting used to them, they’re certainly worth
it — you’ll be quickly switching between one task to another in no time. Below are some of the best Windows Keyboard shortcuts that can boost your productivity and streamline your workflow.