How To Perform Control alt delete on a Mac? Know Steps


If you just switched from a Windows PC to Mac and want to know the equivalent to Control Alt Delete on a Mac to end a frozen application or Force Quit a program when things don’t go as expected, you have come to the right place.
Here is the step-by-step guide which will help you end a program process or force quit an app on Mac OS using ctrl alt del mac equivalent.
Control ALT Delete on a Mac
You can force quit apps on Mac OS X in a number of ways however, most users may want to know the Mac keyboard combination that is equivalent to Ctrl+Alt+Del
On Windows.
Windows PC users just push 3 magic keys to
Reveal the Task Manager. From here, they can view running applications, end running programs or “force quit” an app. So, where are the 3 magic keys on a Mac?

COMMAND + OPTION + ESCAPE is the same as
Control Alt Delete on a mac

Pressing Command + Option + Escape on a Mac is equivalent to pressing Control + Alt + Delete on a Windows PC.

Let’s see how to perform Control + ALT + DELETE equivalent on Mac OS X using
Mac keyboard shortcut

How to CTRL + ALT + DEL on Mac

  1. Locate and press Command + Option + Escape keys simultaneously on your Mac.
  2. Pressing Command + Option + Escape will launch the “Force Quit Applications” window. All your running applications will appear. Select the program you want to quit and then Click “Force Quit” to end the program.
  3. Tap confirm to end the application process.

It’s also easy to close multiple apps at once. To select multiple applications, simply hold shift and click the starting and ending apps in the list. To select individual
apps, hold command and select the apps you want to quit. Then hit “Force Quit.” That’s a bonus right?

Forcing an app to exit on the Mac will terminate all its’ running processes Just like ending a program in Windows. This is handy especially when you want to
end a stuck or frozen app. Keep in mind that any data which you have not saved gets lost upon ending the application processes.

Note, the Option key on a Mac is often labeled as “Alt”, therefore, Command + Option / Alt + Escape on Mac yields similar results.
You can use this keyboard shortcut in all versions of Mac OS system software, including
macOS Catalina

If you wanted to figure out how to Ctrl Alt Delete on Mac, simply hit Command+Option+Escape, and there you go!
The 3 magic keystroke combination will “force quit” or end any running program whether they are stuck or not.

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