How to Customize Your Favorite Sites in Safari for iOS

In Apple’s Safari browser for iPhone and

every new window or tab you open automatically displays the start page, giving you easier one-click access to your favorite websites and any other
sites you visit more often, together with

Suggestions as well as websites recommended to you by friends and family.
Your favorite websites are located at the top under Favorites, and it is possible to customize these bookmarks right from the start page. Tap and hold a folder or an
individual site’s favicon to bring up the start page’s preview screen and contextual menu, where you’ll find options to Edit or Delete the item.

safari start page
Tapping on Edit, you will be able to change the site’s name as it appears in your Favorites. In addition, you could edit the URL (to direct to a more particular part
of the site, for example) and change the location of the bookmark.
Keep in mind, if you move a site out of your starred Favorites folder, it automatically becomes a regular bookmark and will no longer appear in Safari’s start page.
One more thing to remember is that if you have Safari turned on in your
settings, any changes you make will be synced across all other Apple devices linked to the same Apple ID.

settings iCloud
To prevent these changes from syncing, open the Settings app, tap your Apple ID icon at the top, then tap iCloud and togo off the switch next to

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