How to Force Restart iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR

Apple’s newest range of devices, the

iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR

don’t have a Home button and feature new Side buttons with various
functionality, so Apple has introduced a new method for forcing a quick restart.
It calls for a unique combination of button presses to make your iPhone restart, and while it’s not obvious, as soon as you’ve master the process,
a force restart is the fastest way to fix your iPhone if something goes wrong.

When Should You Force Restart?

From time to time, your iPhone or iPad may suffer some form of a software glitch. It can be an iOS update gone wrong, unresponsive app, or just an iOS or iPadOS
bug that won’t disappear.

Force restarting is most useful when your iPhone or iPad is stuck and unresponsive. When you can’t even
turn off
 your device, try force rebooting it—it usually resolves the issue.

Force Restarting iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR

  1. Quickly press and release the Volume Up button on your iPhone.
  2. Quickly press and release the Volume Down button.
  3. Press and hold the Side button for a few seconds until the Apple logo shows up, then let go off the Side button.

    Through this process, you will see a option to power off the iPhone. You should overlook it and keep holding down the Side button until the
    screen turns black. At that moment, the Apple logo will appear, and after the restart is complete, the screen will activate once again.

Using the force restart process prevents you from having to shut the iPhone down completely, which takes a couple of steps.
In case you want to power down your iPhone entirely, you can do it by heading over to the General section of the Settings app, scroll down to the bottom, and tapping on the
Shut Down option.
Alternatively, you can hold down the Volume Up button and the Side button simultaneously to bring up the Emergency SOS interface that also have a “slide to turn
off” option.

Restarting Other Devices

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