All helpful ways you can use spotlight search on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

One of iOS’s simple yet powerful features, Spotlight lets you swiftly search your device for apps, contacts, songs, and more. Developers can integrate their apps with Spotlight to give it nearly omniscient search powers. You can also see Siri app suggestions when you tap a Spotlight search box.

Here are some helpful uses for Spotlight:

  • Use it as an app launcher.
  • Quickly get in touch with a contact.
  • Look up a song that’s stuck in your head, either in your Music library or on Apple Music and play it directly from search results.
  • Find the title of a TV show or movie to watch.
  • Perform quick calculations.
  • Search for Notes and Messages
  • See the weather in different places. Try “weather in Cupertino.”
  • Convert currencies. Try “5 USD in euro.”
  • Look up stock prices, like AAPL.

Additionally, many third-party developers integrate with Spotlight search. You can see installed apps that integrate with Spotlight in Settings > Siri
& Search.

New! You can now trigger Siri queries from Spotlight. Type your query or command into the search box, scroll down, and tap Ask Siri. See

Speak to Siri

Access Spotlight Search

There are three ways to access Spotlight search:

  • While on the Home screen, pull down from anywhere between the status bar and Dock
    When you pull down on the Home screen to reveal the search box, you also see Siri suggestions for recent and frequently used apps, as well
    as suggested actions.
  • iPhone and iPod touch only : From the Lock screen or first page of the Home screen, swipe right to enter Today View, which features a Spotlight search
  • If you have a keyboard attached, press Command-Space.
    Tap the search box to begin your search (unless you invoked Spotlight with Command-Space, in which case you can type immediately). Then:
  • You’ll be presented with Siri app suggestions, which is a collection of recent and frequently used apps—tap one to open it.
  • You may also see Siri search suggestions below the Search box, which are recent searches you’ve performed—tap one to search for it again. You may also
    see Siri search suggestions as you’re typing a query.
  • You may also see Siri suggestions for actions you can take, like calling your mom or messaging your spouse.
  • To search your device and various services, type a search term into the Search box and tap Search on your keyboard (or press Return on a physical keyboard).
    In the results list that appears, tap any entry to open it. If using a physical keyboard, you can use the arrow keys to scroll through results and press
    Return to open one.

Tip: Tap Search in App next to search results to leave Spotlight and see the search results inside the source app. You can also tap Show More to see more

search results from that app or service.

Customize Spotlight

Here are a couple of ways to rid Spotlight of things you don’t want:

  • Disable search suggestions: To clear your search screen of proactive suggestions of things you might like to find, open Settings > Siri & Search and
    turn off Suggestions in Search.
  • Turn off searches per app: Also in Settings > Siri & Search, you can choose any app that you don’t want cluttering up your results list and turn off
    Search & Siri Suggestions to eliminate that app from Spotlight.
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