How To Type Degree Symbol In Mac OS X? Know Steps

Want to learn how to type the temperature / degree symbol in Mac OS? No problem, in this step-by-step guide, I’ll show you how to type the degrees symbol on a Mac using simple
Mac keyboard shortcuts
Type degree symbol in Mac OS X  

Typing degree signs in MacOS and Mac OS X can be done in two ways.
Here is the step-by-step guide which can help you to quickly insert degree temperature symbol into any Mac OS X application where your cursor is positioned.


Apple has made it really easy to insert a degree symbol using the Special Characters menu, referred to as Emoji & Symbols menu in more recent versions of macOS, including
macOS Mojave.

To insert a degree symbol using this method, place your mouse cursor to the location where you want the symbol to appear and then navigate to Edit > Special Characters (or Edit > Emoji & Symbols) in
the Menu Bar. You can also access the Special Characters menu using keyboard shortcut Control-Command-Space on your Mac’s keyboard.
A window will pop up revealing various special characters, symbols, and, for Yosemite, Emoji. Rather than perusing through hundreds of available
symbols, simply enter the word “degree” into the search field to reveal various degree symbols.

You will immediately notice that there are three degree symbol available: one each for degrees Fahrenheit and
Celsius, and a plain degree symbol. Simply double-click the symbol you prefer to insert it to the text entry field.

Typing the Degree Symbols on Mac using Keyboard Shortcut

The above mentioned method provides you with hundreds of symbols, characters, and emoji from which to choose, however, in case you just need to insert degree symbol, you can quickly do it using keyboard shortcut:

  • Option+Shift+8 inserts the appropriate degree symbol: for example: 64°
  • Option+K inserts the appropriate degree symbol: for example: 14˚

The above mentioned keystrokes are universal and they can be executed from any editable text field in Mac OS X irregardless what app you are in on the Mac. Provided that there
is editable text field, you can type the degree symbol, whether you are in Mail clients, Messages, Word, web browser, or any other text editor or word processor application.

How to Type the Temperature / Degree Symbol on Mac

To try this little cool trick, launch any Mac app with text entry field, such as mail, Notes, Safari, Pages or Skype.

  1. Start an app with text entry field on the Mac, such as “Skype”, “Mail”, or “Pages”
  2. Position your cursor to the location where you want to type degree symbol.
  3. Type Shift-Option-8 to insert the appropriate degree symbol for example 64°
  4. Type Option-K to insert a small degree symbol for example: 64˚

That’s pretty much it on how to type degree symbol in macOS (OS X). You can use the above mentioned keyboard shortcut to type the temperature degree symbol. Personally I prefer using Option-K since that’s what
I can recall effortlessly, however, we recommend that you use the keyboard shortcut which you can easily remember.

Also, it is easy to
type the degree symbol in iOS on your iPhone or iPad with a little keyboard trick
Sounds easy right? Well, I just received a message from a friend who was apparently very disturbed that they couldn’t work out how to type
the degree temperature symbol in Mac OS X. I chuckled but then realized I’ve been asked this question a couple of times in the past particularly
by new mac users. As such, some of the stuff that appear simple only require simple instructions.

What’s the Difference Between the three Degree Symbols on Mac?

As you may have already realized, there are two keyboard shortcuts and each of the two temperature symbols are a bit different, however, i cannot figure out the reason.
(maybe one stands for celsius, fahrenheit, and kelvin?), in this regard, folks use these symbols interchangeably, or perhaps whatever symbol they can easily execute with
Mac keyboard shortcuts
It’s worth noting that if you use text-to-speech engine to read either of the degree symbols, the OS recognizes both as “degrees” and you won’t notice any pronunciation difference between the two. Maybe we can only see the difference, with one degree symbol being a bit reduced in size however, besides
that, if it’s 29˚ outdoor, you can pass that information to someone without having to type out the complete word ‘degrees’, sounds good right?
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