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The AirPods Pro comes with a number of smart features: Active noise cancellation (ANC), Hey, Siri activation, Audio Sharing, and of course, the new Transparency
Mode — but what does that mean? No, it doesn’t turn your AirPods Pro invisible like some tech spy devices, however, it allows you to get in touch
With the outside world while you’re listening to songs, movies, podcasts, or any other audio on your AirPods Pro. Here’s a quick guide of what it does and how
You can make use of it!

What is Transparency Mode?

Transparency Mode is designed to allow selected amount of sound from your surroundings into your ears therefore, you can hear ambient sounds around you. This is
how Apple describes it:

“Transparency mode provides users with the option to simultaneously listen to music while still hearing the environment around them, whether that’s to
hear traffic while out for a run or an important train announcement during the morning commute. Using the pressure-equalizing vent system and advanced
software that leaves just the right amount of noise cancellation active, Transparency mode ensures that a user’s own voice sounds natural while the audio
continues to play perfectly.”

It’s the best of both worlds — you’ll be ultimately shutoff to the outside world, but you’ll still be able to get in touch with your surroundings so you can react and
respond accordingly.

Why you might want Transparency Mode

If you’re listening to some audio on your AirPods Pro with active noise cancelling on, you’re going to be ignoring a lot of the world around you. The
whole point of Active Noise cancellation is to make sure you can hear your music (or whatever you’re listening to) without having the buzz of traffic, the rumble of helicopter engines,
or other form of noises from entering your ears so you can enjoy your audio. While there are numerous instances where this is a cool feature, there are also times
where this isn’t convenient.

For instance, in case you’re walking down a busy street and are not aware of the traffic around you, it could cause an accident — This is where Transparency
Mode kicks in.

How to turn on or off Transparency mode on the AirPods Pro

You don’t have to dig into your pocket and fetch your iPhone to enable or disable Transparency mode on the AirPods pro. Apple has equipped the stem
with special force sensors. All you have to do is extend your hand up to your ear.

Press and hold the stem of the AirPods (like your squeezing the stem) for about a second until you hear a chime. The chime shows that Transparency
mode is on or off.

How to use Transparency Mode on iPhone and iPad

The Active noise Cancellation and Transparency Modes of the AirPods Pro can be enabled via Control Center. It’s imperative to keep in mind that your device must be running iOS or iPadOS 13.2
or later to use the AirPods Pro with your device.

How to turn on Transparency Mode on iPhone X or later

  1. swipe your finger down from the top part of your iPhone toward the bottom of the screen to reveal Control
  2. Tap the Volume slider which holds the AirPods Pro icon.
  3. Now, tap on Transparency

How to turn on Transparency Mode on iPhone 8 or earlier

  1. Swipe up your finger from the bottom of your screen to reveal Control Center
  2. Tap the Volume slider which holds the AirPods Pro icon.
  3. Now, tap on Transparency

You can follow the above same steps again to disable Transparency Mode on your AirPods Pro at any time.

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