iMessage Not Delivered error on iPhone in iOS 14? Fix

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Getting an “iMessage not delivered” error on your iPhone? Here are some troubleshooting tips and fixes for when iMessages won’t deliver.

Why is iMessage not delivering?

There are few problems as frustrating as when an iMessage doesn’t say Delivered. In most cases, it fails to show the Not Delivered message at all. You can experience this problem with multiple contacts or one specific person.

It’s more annoying when the message says Delivered but the recipient didn’t actually receive it. In this article, I’ll show you how to fix it when your iMessage is not being delivered on iPhone.

What Does “Delivered” Mean On IMessage?

First of all, we need to understand the difference between Delivered and Read.

Delivered means the other person received the message on their iPhone. Read means the recipient has tapped on it. Please note, this doesn’t mean they’ve actually read it—it only means the message has been opened. Don’t who’s home if you don’t get the feedback immediately; they may have selected it but subsequently got distracted.

You can toggle read receipts for yourself by heading to Settings > Messages > Send Read Receipts. In fact, this subsection of Settings will prove helpful if you have any issues with iMessage.

Why Does IMessage Read “Delivered” When It’s Not?

At times, a message will say it’s been received, but the other person will maintain they never received it. You shouldn’t automatically draw a conclusion they’re lying: there are many reasons this might happen.

It could be a

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