iOS 18: How to Swap Out Lock Screen Camera and Flashlight Buttons

Here's how to change the iPhone's Flashlight and Camera shortcut buttons on the Lock Screen to an action of your choice

By Chris Smith - Senior Editor
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iOS 18 provides a feature users have long asked for: the ability to replace the flashlight and camera buttons on the iPhone’s Lock screen with controls of your own choosing. Shortcuts to functions like Translate, Notes, and music recognition in Shazam, and more are available.

If you’ve ever been called out for having your iPhone flashlight on by accident, this iOS 18 feature is for you. The ability to change these Lock Screen controls is part of a wave of new customization features in ‌‌iOS 18‌‌, which includes app icon color-changing capabilities and more.

In iOS 18, Apple is making Control Center more customizable than ever. As part of that change, it’s taking many of those same controls and making them available on your iPhone’s Lock screen in place of the existing flashlight and camera buttons.
The nice thing about the feature is that it takes advantage of the existing Lock screen customization features, and enables you to set different Lock screen buttons with different wallpaper/widget combos.

Change Swap Lock Screen Camera and Flashlight Buttons in iOS 18

To set your own custom Lock screen controls in iOS 18:

  1. Long-press the Lock screen to edit it
  2. Swipe to the wallpaper that you want to edit and select ‘Customize’
  3. Tap in the lower-left or lower-right corner on the existing buttons
  4. Choose which controls you want to replace the flashlight and/or camera
  5. Select the new control button(s)

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By Chris Smith Senior Editor
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