How to Manage Website Settings in Safari On iPhone in iOS 13

With the launch of

iOS 13,

Apple brings some extra features to its native Safari mobile web browser. One of the most interesting new feature in Safari is the ability to customize

a number of settings for specific websites.

For instant, Safari on Mac, the Website Settings section provides you with an option to configure different viewing and security options for particular websites, and Safari then

applies them automatically so you don’t have to customize them over and over. Here’s where you can find it.

  1. . Head over to a site you frequently visit.
  2. Tap the “aA” icon in the top-left corner of the screen to bring up the Website View menu.
  3. Tap Website Settings.

Enable automatic reader mode and request desktop site in safari on iPhone and iPad

The Reader mode in Safari strips online articles of inessential web page content to streamline the reading experience. In addition, mobile-friendly websites are often free from clutter for easier navigation, with the result that some full-page content

isn’t displayed at all. Even when it is, finding that content can sometimes be a task, particularly if you’re accustomed to the desktop version of a website. Luckily,

Apple has made it easier for users to bypass mobile versions of websites and access original desktop versions on its mobile devices instead.

  1. Open safari on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Navigate to a sight of your choice or just open
  3. Tap an icon that appears in the far left of the address barr then tap on website setting options.
  4. Tap ON the User Reader Automatically option to read the website content without any clutter.
    You can check “Use Reader Automatically” to switch to this by default.
  5. Tap ON the request desktop website to view the desktop version of the website.
  6. Below that, you will be presented with an option labeled ‘allow a website to access’ Camera, Microphone and Location. All the options are set to
    ASK by default. The three options in Website Settings let you choose whether to allow or deny the site access to your iOS device’s camera
    and microphone, and whether to enable location detection.
    After choosing your preference, tap Done!

That’s all! These are newly introduced settings in iOS 13 and it’s quite easy to manage once you are used to it.

The settings mentioned above are only applicable to a single website. If you’re seeking to apply all these preferences to several websites or all websites,

Keep reading to know more!

Set desktop view to be the default for all sites in Safari

In case you want to make desktop view the default for all supported

webpages. then you need to change some settings in your Safari! Here’s how you can open

all websites or a particular set of websites in


  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open Settings app and scroll down and Tap on Safari
  2. Scroll down to locate settings for websites. Tap on Request Desktop Website. This will display a couple of websites you have visited previously
  3. Next up, use the toggles for each website to enable desktop view for just those sites which you want to view in Desktop version or simply Toggle ‘On Other Websites’ to ON to view
    all websites in the desktop version.
  4. If you want to remove any of the websites from the list, just tap on “Edit” in the top right to enter edit mode. From there,
    select the sites you want to remove and tap “Delete” to delete them.
    This will allow you to just keep the list of sites which are important to you.

Enable Automatic Reader View for All Websites in Safari on iPhone and iPad

If you like using Safari Reader View on the iPhone or iPad

when reading a given webpages articles or news, reader View in Safari can

make webpages easier to read

in some situations, and if you use the feature for particular websites, or all of the websites, you may appreciate enabling Automatic Reader View in Safari for


Want to enable Reader View automatically, either on a particular website or for all websites? Here’s how to do that in iOS:

  1. Open Settings ap, scroll down and Tap on Safari then tap on Reader.
  2. In ‘automatically use on’ section, toggle ON for selected (desired) domain that you want to view in reader mode.
  3. In ‘other websites’ section, toggle ON ‘Automatically Use Reader.’ This will enable the reader automatically in all websites you visit in your Safari browser.
  4. If you had previously turned on Automatic Reader View and would now like to change that setting in iOS 13, tap Edit, select the websites and tap on Delete to remove them.

That’s how easier it is to manage websites in Safari on iOS 13.

Final thoughts

Personally, I’ve been waiting for these features for a long time in iOS. Luckly enough, it’s now possible to view the desktop version of the website

in mobile in Safari.

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