MusicHarbor: The Best App To Discover New Music On iOS

With so much music constantly at our fingertips, it can seem impossible to stay on top of it all. But its music—it’s what we love—and there’s no way we’re
going to get left behind. We all love Apple Music, but any true music lover is always looking for ways to discover new music. Where do you
turn for that? Thankfully, an iOS App,MusicHarbor, has made it really easy to discover and keep track of new music releases.

MusicHarbor App Screenshot
Its not often that I find the privilege of blogging about an application which is not only feature-rich and revolutionary in its feature set, but takes
design to an entirely new level. As a result of digging through the internet searching for an app to keep track of new music releases on my iPhone, I’m glad to share with you my findings.
The App is called
MusicHarbor, created with love by indie developer Marcos Antonio Tanaka.
The most common question i get from people is: How do you keep track of new album releases? the short anser is
MusicHarbor: The best app to discover new music.
MusicHarbor notifies you when an artist in your Apple Music library releases an album, single, EP or even remix.
Moreover, the app has a pretty accurate list of upcoming albums, singles, remixes and EPs thereby making it the best app for unreleased music.
When it comes to iOS Apps for discovering and reporting new music releases, nothing can beat MusicHarbor.

Best app to discover new music screenshot
MusicHarbor is a blazingly fast application which does its job very efficiently.
This new music alert app offers an amazing way to discover new music from your favorite artists. Once you spot an artist you like on AppleMusic, you can follow them, this way, you
Will never miss a beat!
MusicHarbor will keep you at the top of your game when it comes to the newest releases. Using the Notification Management feature, you can choose which type of release you’ll like to be notified and reports for new singles, albums; EPs and Remixes will be delivered straight to your iPhone.
MusicHarbor has a clean design that you simply can’t find onother music apps.
Users can easily navigate between the Artists they are following to their feed which reports the latest release dates from their favorite artists they follow.
Another handy feature of MusicHarbor is that you can Read the latest news about artists you follow which is derived from multiple sources straight from the app. Moreover, the app has a dedicated tab that highlights all concerts scheduled for a given city, or from artists you follow.

How much does Music Harbor cost?

At the risk of repeating myself, I should talk about MusicHarbor’s price a bit.
Music harbor is free to download however, to enjoy every features this App has to offer, you can unlock all the premium features for $5.99
and once you pay for it upfront, everything will be unlocked and
at your fingertips. Trust us: it’s worth it.
If you’ve read the article up to this point, you’ve seen how great a benefit this one-time payment might be.

The best app to discover new music on iPhone? Now you know

If you are looking for an app to track or discover new music on your iPhone or iPad, MusicHarbor is by far the best option.
MusicHarbor is a great app for discovering almost any genre of music, and I would strongly recommend this app.
There’s a lot to like about MusicHarbor. Its flexible and affordable payment is a boon to many of us and
the fact that it syncs up with your Apple Music account along with it’s ability to automatically discover and notify you when there is new music release, concerts and news makes it worth a serious
look in itself.
. Hope you like MusicHarbor App as much as I do. Of course, if you’re a Music junkie or simply want to keep track of new music releases, concerts and news, I’m not sure if something else can handle the job as efficiently and accessibly as MusicHarbor. So, Marcos, huge thanks and plaudits are in order!
Download and keep trac of new music with MusicHarbor
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