How to request Desktop Site in Safari in iOS 13

We will walk you through step by step on how to request desktop site on safari on your iPhone running iOS 13.
Request desktop site in safari
iPadOS is a great little upgrade for Safari users. Apple finally brought desktop-class browsing to its entire tablet product line and you no longer have to deal with that mobile-website-scaled-up nonsense again. Simply head over to a site such as YouTube and you will find an experience which you would get on a desktop browser.
On the iPhone, things have not changed. You get the mobile version of the site until or unless you opt to initiate the desktop version on your own. Actually, the ‘Request Desktop Site’ feature was something which has been there for a good while in Safari. It was very simple to get to as well. Simply head over to a cite ap on the share icon at the bottom in Safari and tap on the ‘Request Desktop Site’ button. Easy, right? Well, on iOS 13, things are quite different.

For you to activate the feature in iOS 13 running on an iPhone, you must tap somewhere different, other than the share button. I know, it’s quite frustrating, however, you have to learn things again.

Most common websites these days offer both desktop and mobile versions, with the latter providing content in a more responsive style for a better
browsing experience across a range of tablet and smartphone displays.
Mobile-friendly websites allows for easier navigation, with an appeal that some full-page content does not show up at
all. Even when it is, locating that content can at times be a task, particularly when you are accustomed to the desktop version of a website.
Luckly enough, Apple has added an option to allow you avoid mobile versions of websites and view original desktop versions on its mobile devices in its place. If you want to request desktop site on safari on iPhone running iOS 13, grab your iPhone and we shall walk you through the whole thing.

To request a desktop site in Safari on an iPhone running
iOS 13,
there are a few symbol steps which you need to follow.

Request desktop site on safari on iPhone in iOS 13

Follow these steps to request desktop site on safari on iPhone running iOS 13.

  1. StartSafari App on your iPhone
  2. Head over to a website of your choice you’d like to view the desktop version of lets say:
  3. Tap the “aA” icon in the top-left corner of the screen to bring up the Website View menu.
  4. Tap on Request Desktop Website from the dropdown menu.
    Next time you visit Safari’s Website View menu, it will remember your preferences for that specific website and apply it automatically the next
    time content is loaded from the same link.

You can also configure Safari to request the desktop website on all the websites you visit. The option to enable this functionality can be found
in the Settings app, under Safari -> Request Desktop Website.
That’s pretty much it on how to request desktop site on iphone running iOS 13.
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