The Best Apple Watch Series 5 Features You Should Know About


The new

Apple Watch Series 5

is a worthy iteration over the total redesign that was in Series 4. Apple has advanced and upgraded the watch and added one wonderful extra feature that all of us had been

waiting for years – Always-on display. The following are all the best Apple Watch Series 5 features you should know about.

Best Apple Watch Series 5 Features

The Apple Watch Series 5 starts at $399 for GPS variant and $499 for GPS + Cellular varient.

1. Always On Display

The major feature on the Apple Watch Series 5 is the new always-on display. This is something many people have been waiting for since, well, the first Apple

Watch release. And Apple finally figured out how to make it work. Apple has a brand new technology stack that works together with the display and the processor. It only lights

up some sections of the display and does it in a way that consumes very little power.

Therefore, you can now know the time and details from your complications without having to raise your wrists. This is very good when you are working out, or when you are stuck in

a subway and you cannot move your hand.

In addition, the display intelligently dims and brightens as you move your wrist.

2. New W3 Wireless Chip

There’s a new W3 chip in the Series 5 Apple Watch that will simplify and make it faster to connect with other Apple devices.

3. 32GB Storage

Series 5 Apple Watch spots 32GB storage capacity from 16GB.That is a lot of room to sync podcasts, music, as well as audiobooks which you can then enjoy listening to

without your iPhone.

4. New S5 Chip

The Apple Watch Series 5 ships bundled with a new S5 chip. This is the fifth version of Apple’s new System-in-Package chip that has all the processing components

In just one chip.

5. International Emergency Calling

Apple is taking the Emergency SOS feature to a a higher level. The cellular model now supports emergency services calling in 150 countries, even when you

Do not own an iPhone.

6. Built-in Compass

Just like the iPhone, the Apple Watch features a compass on board. This will prove helpful when you move directly from the watch face. You can also launch the compass app

and look at the full compass view on the entire display.

7. New Maps App Supports Compass

The Maps app also now supports the compass. This will allow you to navigate using the Apple Watch Maps app and you will be able to view the direction

you’re pointing in, from the Maps application.

8. New White Ceramic Model

The Ceramic model is back in Series 5 but it’s just available in one color – White. It is the most stylish feeling Apple Watch that you can ever get and it starts at $1299.

9. New Hermes and Nike + Models

And as usual, there are Hermes and Nike+ models for Series 5 as well, with new bands and watch faces. The Nike+ models will be available later in October.

10. New Titanium Finish


There’s a new Apple Watch variant that is available in a new Titanium finish. It begins at $799. There are two varients, the standard Titanium case and

the Space Black variant. The Space Black model looks particularly nice.

Bonus: New Bands

Apple has a massive collection of bands for the Apple Watch Series 5 – Leather Loop, Modern Buckle, Nike Sport Loop, Nike Sport Band and more which are

available in many different colors.

What are your Favorite Features?

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