How to identify a fake or counterfeit Magic Trackpad

By Moses Johnson - Managing Editor
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How can you tell fake Magic Trackpad from the real thing? Are you perhaps using fake Magic trackpad without knowing? Here’s how to find out.

  • The best way to tell if your Magic Trackpad is fake is by entering its serial number into Apple’s "Check Coverage" website.
  • This website will tell you if the Magic Trackpad is registered in Apple’s system, which all real Magic Trackpads are.
  • You should also look for typos on the packaging and material of the accessory, and check if it connects with your Mac in the right way.

Magic Trackpad is wireless and rechargeable, and it includes the full range of Multi-Touch gestures and Force Touch technology. Sensors underneath the trackpad surface detect subtle differences in the amount of pressure you apply, bringing more functionality to your fingertips and enabling a deeper connection to your content. It features a large edge-to-edge glass surface area, making scrolling and swiping through your favorite content more productive and comfortable than ever.

Magic Trackpad pairs automatically with your Mac, so you can get to work right away. The rechargeable battery will power it for about a month or more between charges, and it also includes a woven USB-C to Lightning Cable that lets you pair and charge by connecting to a USB-C port on your Mac.

Here are some tips on how to check if your Magic Trackpad is real.

How to tell a fake Magic Trackpad: Inspect the box and packaging

Fake Magic Trackpad boxes are often poorly made, with typos and grammatical errors. The packaging may also be missing important information, such as the serial number and model number.

How to know if Magic Trackpad is fake: Check the Design

The design of the Magic Trackpad can also signal to you whether it’s fake or genuine. You can compare the design of the Magic Trackpad in your hand with the one on the image provided below, and if you notice any extra ports, buttons, or shape differences, you’re holding a fake.

Magic Trackpad in White showing its large edge-to-edge glass surface area for easier scrolling and swiping.  

How to spot a fake Magic Trackpad: Try Charging it

When you connect your Magic Trackpad 2 to your Mac, it automatically charges. If it doesn’t get any power, it might be a fake.

How to Tell If Magic Trackpad is Fake: Check the Serial Number

The most foolproof way to tell if Magic Trackpad is fake is to go directly to the source: Apple. Apple has an online to check a product’s warranty status. Just enter the Magic Trackpad’ serial number and, if you find it there, it’s the real deal. If you don’t, you’ve spotted fake Magic Trackpad. Here’s what to do:

  1. In your web browser, go to Apple’s coverage checking tool.
  2. Find your Magic Trackpad’ serial number: The serial number of your Magic Trackpad is on the bottom surface of the device, along with other markings. It’s a string of 17 letters and numbers.
  3. Enter the serial number, the CAPTCHA and click Continue.
  4. If the tool returns information for that serial number (especially a valid purchased date), the Magic Trackpad is real.

How to Know If Magic Trackpad is Real: Try to Pair it

Another reliable way to tell if Magic Trackpad is fake is by doing something only authentic Magic Trackpad can do.

  • Connect the Magic Trackpad to your Mac using the cable provided with your accessory.
  • Slide the switch on your Magic Trackpad to on, so that the green is visible. Your Magic Trackpad then pairs with your Mac. That means your Magic Trackpad is the real thing.
  • After the Magic Trackpad is paired with your Mac, you can disconnect the cable and use the accessory wirelessly.
  • Your Magic Trackpad automatically connects to your Mac when Bluetooth is turned on. That means your Magic Trackpad is genuine.
  • If you follow these steps but your accessory doesn’t pair with your Mac, we’re sorry to tell you, but your Magic Trackpad is probably fake.

How to Spot Fake Magic Trackpad: bonus tips

Here are some additional tips to help you avoid buying a fake Magic Trackpad:

Only buy from trusted sellers

Avoid buying Magic Trackpad from online marketplaces or unknown retailers.

Be wary of low prices

The retail price for Magic Trackpad is $129.00. If Magic Trackpad is being offered at a significantly lower price than retail, it is likely a fake.

Do your research

Before you buy a Magic Trackpad, read reviews and compare prices from different sellers.

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