Cellular Not Working On Apple Watch? Here’s The Real Fix

Cellular connection sort of takes Apple Watch a step closer to being an independent wearable device that can carry out several functionalities including: playing music, podcasts, as well as sending and receiving messages. That’s why when cellular is not working on Apple Watch, the sole purpose of having the smartwatch seems to take a backseat. […]

Can you use An Apple Watch without iPhone? Know Here

Apple Watchis undoubtedly the most popular and the number one choice smart watch for most people around the world. However, it’s basically a part of the tightly-knit Apple ecosystem. Read to find if you can use Apple Watch without an iPhone.

Fake Apple Watch: how to tell fake Vs real? Know Here

Be careful not to buy an Apple Watch clone. Follow this guide to spot fake Apple Watch series 5, series 4 or series 3

How to Reset or Force Restart Your Apple Watch

There are a couple of things you can try in case your Apple Watch stops responding for some reasons. This guide explains what you can do if your Apple watch is misbehaving. The first and most direct resolution is to reset your Apple Watch, which is essentially a way of turning it off and on […]