30+ Apple Watch Tips & Tricks to Make your Life Better

Have you purchased a brand new Apple Watch or you have an Apple Watch but wants to get most of it? Here are the Best Apple Watch tips and tricks that will help you to get the most out of your Apple Watch in 2020. The smartwatch did not dramatically change the lives of people […]

How to Use Your Apple Watch to Get Fit In 3 Steps

Indeed, with the current situation, you might have an excuse that you don’t need a beach body to show off. Nevertheless, fitness isn’t only about looking good. Moreover, it’s about feeling good. Which makes it more relevant than ever. We aren’t doing the most for our personal well-being currently, with all of us sitting mostly […]

Apple Watch Series 5 Review: Imperfectly Perfect!

Was the wait for an always-on display worth it? Early last year, I got a pretty awesome promotion at work, and as a gift to myself, I purchased an Apple Watch Series 4 in Stainless Steel with a Milanese Loop band. I have been wearing an Apple Watch on and off since day one, but […]

Sleep tracking with the Apple Watch – how it works

The Apple Watch is Apple’s most personal computer. The smartwatch is always on your wrist in everyday life. As a fitness tracker, as an EKG and as a fall detector and even as a meditation aid, the smart watch aims to sustainably improve the health of its users. This is achieved above all with its […]

No movement: How to disable Apple Watch activity notifications

The corona virus forces many people to stay at home and consequently gets less exercise. The Apple Watch of course knows nothing of the circumstances and continues to provide information about activities, breathing exercises and standing times. Thankfully,You can completely turn off notifications for Apple’s built-in apps, like Activity, Breath, Mail, Messages, and more. In […]

Can you use An Apple Watch without iPhone? Know Here

Apple Watchis undoubtedly the most popular and the number one choice smart watch for most people around the world. However, it’s basically a part of the tightly-knit Apple ecosystem. Read to find if you can use Apple Watch without an iPhone.

Fake Apple Watch: how to tell fake Vs real? Know Here

Be careful not to buy an Apple Watch clone. Follow this guide to spot fake Apple Watch series 5, series 4 or series 3

The Best Apple Watch Series 5 Features You Should Know About

The new Apple Watch Series 5 is a worthy iteration over the total redesign that was in Series 4. Apple has advanced and upgraded the watch and added one wonderful extra feature that all of us had been waiting for years – Always-on display. The following are all the best Apple Watch Series 5 features […]