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GeeksModo is the leading online resource for users of Apple’s range of Mac computers, the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and iPod touch.

GeeksModo focuses on producing premium content for Apple fans, providing them with the latest information regarding Apple products and exciting trends in technology. We cover the latest Apple and technology news, reveal the latest rumors on Apple products, teach people how to better use their devices and apps, and review the latest product releases.

We Eat, Work, And Live Apple

Our team has a fever, and the only cure is more Apple! As veteran tech writers and reviewers, we are well-positioned to deliver top of the line content to the millions of people we reach every year. Our staff is constantly scouring the Internet for the latest Apple news, sharing tips, tricks, tutorials, reviewing devices, apps, and games, and keeping track of custom ROMs and hacks, and when readers look to us for product recommendations, they know they’re getting hands-on reporting and well-considered perspectives.

We believe that technology is only as useful as the one who uses it. Our aim is to help readers like you live better leveraging Apple’s technology through our straightforward tutorials that anyone can understand. We also encourage readers to use Apple devices in productive and meaningful ways.

As a community of enthusiasts, technologists, and writers, we believe quality content and user experience brings the most value to our audience. Whether you’re on the hunt for the for the latest Apple news, tips, tricks, tutorials, troubleshooting guides, how-tos, devices, apps, and games reviews, or in-depth analyses from writers with unmatched passion and expertise, GeeksModo is a one-stop shop for ‘All things Apple.’

Not an Apple Geek yet? Every GeeksModo article will bring you one step closer.

We’re Apple enthusiasts on a mission to teach the world how to use their Apple devices efficiently.. iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, app, software, website, service—if it can make your life better, we’ll show you all the tips, tricks, and techniques you need to know to get the most out of what you have.

We cover tech for the way you live: not just gadgets, but the powers they unlock in your life, the story of the people who made them, and the way they’re reshaping the world outside your window. GeeksModo filters the torrent of devices and innovation that surround us through a human lens that elevates experience above specs, hype, and marketing. The rapid pace of change creates a conversation that’s always engaging, entertaining, and challenging. You don’t have time to become an expert. But we’ll help you feel like one.

GeeksModo is a team of professional writers, designers, editors and the most important visionary thinkers. We focus on producing and delivering authentic and unbiased content on ‘Everything Apple.’ Technologies are in our DNA, and that’s why discovering new things and give a hands-on to that become our habits.

Our team comprises professional, tech-savvy experts who are tinkerers and stay up to date with the latest features of iOS and macOS. Internet doesn’t sleep, and so we too work around the clock to make sure we live up to the pace of ever-evolving technologies.

GeeksModo Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our readers with the latest infotainment about Apple as well as advanced market intelligence to allow them to make informed decisions.
GeeksModo dreams to achieve a reputable position in the world of technology & online media and wants to stay ahead of the curve.
We are on a mission to disseminate news and information about Apple. In our endeavor, we leave no stone unturned to collect the most appropriate information from the genuine source.

GeeksModo Vision Statement

To push the frontier of advanced reporting and be the quintessential publication house for all things apple.
We believe in collective efforts that lead us to success. The entire GeeksModo team is part of our achievement. When like-minded people with passion and discipline come together, success is within shouting distance.

The GeeksModo Team

Moses Gitari

Moses Gitari is the Editorial Director of GeeksModo and has been writing about iPhones, Macs, accessories, and software for over 10 years. He has been interviewed by various news publications about his knowledge of Apple products. Moses currently owns 12 iPhones, 5 iPads, an iMac, a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, a MacBook Air, 3 Apple Watches, and 4 Apple TVs.

He continues to run GeeksModo, and provides editorial oversight as well as business direction. His lateral approach and instinctive ideas give this blog an impetus to serve the interest of readers. Beyond GeeksModo, you’ll find him sharing tips for Apple devices over at iPhoneGeeks, GeeksModo sister site.

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Kevin Hollington

Kevin Hollington is a tech writer at GeeksModo covering news, how-tos, and user guides. He is a longtime Mac and iPhone user and holds a Ph.D. in computer Science. He loves to test things thoroughly before putting them in his articles. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson is a Senior Editor at GeeksModo. As Senior Editor, he helps with content planning on the site and making sure that articles look good before going live. In addition to that, Dave is always writing in-depth how-to guides, editorials, rounding up the best apps and games on iOS and Mac, reviewing products, and more.

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Editorial guidelines and ethics

Our reviews tend to be as objective as possible, and our tips & trick articles are not rehashed versions copied from elsewhere. we take it as our responsibility to test things out ourselves before something goes live on our platform. Our army of professional tech-nerds brings in-depth research, hands-on experience, and decades of knowledge to everything we write. We want our word to count for something. This is why you can take us at our word and measure us by it. When we make mistakes, we own up to them and will take all measures to correct them. If we are on the right, we will always stand by our word. As simple as that.

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Fan Mail From Our Readers

While helping our readers keeps us motivated to excel at what we are doing, it gives us tremendous pleasure to see our efforts and endeavors appreciated by people around the world. Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received from our readers:

“Love your work. I read tech documents a lot, and it’s your style that sets you apart. It can be read by anyone. Thanks again.”
-Jana, WEDNESDAY, MAY 19, 2016

“What an excellent and well thought out article. The type of misinformation this addresses is an enormous pet peeve of mine.”
-John, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2020

“I just discovered GeeksModo while I was troubleshooting some issues. I read one article and instantly understood the issue. Thank you for providing this service! Your articles are clear, concise, and easy to read as they don’t bombard you with unnecessary technobabble but still give you the information you need. You are now my go-to source for tech info. Thanks for simplifying my life.”

“I just read your posting “iPhone connected to Wi-Fi but no Internet? Fix it here!” #7 worked for me, which was a huge relief after previously trying almost all of the others. I didn’t;’t know the VPN could be a problem – not intuitive! Thanks!
-Suzannek, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2020

“I just wanted to tell you how helpful I found your article “ how to unlock and disabled iPhone without iTunes or iCloud or computer.” We have an old iphone 7 left around the house after a previous upgrade. We use it to let the kids play music, take pics and play some of their games. Some how, sometime in the last couple days a passcode has been entered and it said it has been “disabled”. Of all the pages I’ve found and articles I’ve read, yours is the most helpful. It has saved me hours of exploring and experimenting with the iTunes, iCloud and Computer. Thank you.”
-Mike, TUESDAY, JANUARY 19, 2019

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