Why Do People Buy iPhones? Here’s The Truth

iPhone 13 in (PRODUCT)RED, starlight, midnight, blue, pink, and the all-new green.

Why do you buy what you buy? Why do you buy iPhones? Why do people buy iPhones? Do you ever stop to think about it? Do you ever stop to contemplate your reasons for buying something?

Why do i buy iPhones?

For the longest of time, I struggled to find the answer, even though i use iPhone for pretty much everything. It’s my wallet, my calendar, my notepad, my connection to work, and yes, the tool I use to get in touch with the world.

Let’s take this iPhone 14 Pro Max I’m using right now. Why did I buy it? Well, First of all, I truly needed it. Perfect, why else did I buy it? Is it because of what it does for me? Sure. Is this iPhone a device used to get things done? Sure. Is it for entertainment purposes? Sure. Is it a tool used to create entertainment? Sure. Is it to produce content? Sure. Is it to store and edit pictures? Sure. It is to stream music? Sure. Is it to handle my email? Yes. Sure. It handles all of these tasks. But those are the rational reasons why I buy iPhones. Let’s look at the far powerful, typically implicit, emotional reasons why i buy iPhones.

Far way back, before Apple totally and completely dominated the tech arena with the iPhone, iPad, new Macs, etc., Apple positioned itself as a brand for creators. It is practical to state that Steve Jobs created a cult, a Culture for Creators, by Creators, for people who take art, innovation and creativity seriously converging with nice, excellent design.

This philosophy was very specific. This philosophy was not for every person. This philosophy flew the black pirate flag over corporate headquarters in an act of disobedience
(yes, indeed). At the beginning, Jobs positioned Apple to care about art, innovation and creativity. Apple was — and still is — for people who care: People who care about innovation, people who care about the price, people who care about the quality, and most importantly, people who care about the customer.

Please keep in mind: Apple never was, nor is it currently, for every person. It is still for specific.

Because of this skillful positioning and completely careful attention paid to design through end user understanding, Apple enjoys “luxurious pricing” with very little discounting. Moreover, the company receives massive loyalty to the brand.

You know how some people gets thrilled when they land on Disney World in Orlando? As if they are finally seeing their childhood dream come true in front of them? Some people gets thrilled when they finally land on Cupertino, CA, to experience for themselves where it all started. And to see where the Real Magic gets created to this day. I belong to that group of people. (I’ll take the pilgrimage to Cupertino, not Orlando.)

Why do people buy iPhones?

We buy iPhones because of our profound emotional connection to the brand. Like loyalty to a beloved college football team, it is a resolute, inconspicuous connection, never to be broken. We buy the iPhone because it’s a phone that Apple built for enthusiasts. Using an iPhone is real enjoyment, real gratification, real pleasure. It is smart enough to know to get out of the user’s way and allow her to get to the significant job of productivity. This is a value that Android creators never got. They still don’t get it. And they never will.

That’s perfectly okay: it isn’t for them. iPhones are for people like us who do things like this. Apple knows exactly how to get the user experience aspect of their devices just right. The Cupertino company knows precisely what users want in a smartphone with regards to user interface and security.
Apple Bosses work very hard to ensure they don’t do anything to bungle this profound , emotional connection they and the brand has with tons and tons of people around the world. They are aware that they are in an extremely jealous business position with their luxury product pricing on consumer and professional goods.

The difference between Apple Bosses and bosses of other companies is Apple executives actually value what they do. They value music. They value art. They value bleeding-edge Tech. They value design. They value execution. They value the magic of small teams. They value building community around Apple Stores. They value emotions. They value people. They value legacy.

We buy iPhones because of emotional bond. We buy iPhones because of community. We buy iPhones because it makes us feel special associating with the brand. We buy iPhones because it is for Creators, by Creators. We buy iPhones because we want to make things better by making better things. And we want to look good while doing so.

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5 thoughts on “Why Do People Buy iPhones? Here’s The Truth”

  1. No disrespect but this was some of the craziest cult esq commentary I have ever heard! Basically what I got from this article was Iphone= great because innovation and apple bosses care with a dash of emotional hypnotism . But Iphone has consistently been behind android features i.e. software and hardware as well. And their “bosses” have been caught up in numerous lawsuits and accusations of how horrible they are and how they don’t care about their users. Iphones have never had an IR blaster and yet their users are like “We’re so far ahead of droid” when they have never even had a feature that was on every other major flagship phone 8 years ago. I guess I am asking too much. Sorry if I offended you I am legit scouring the web to try to find the reasons behind people supporting this company despite the mounds of logical imperial evidence saying they shouldn’t. I have a lot of people I care about who use apple. I just want to understand why!

    1. The Android universe is made up of a large number of handset types and brands that are hard to keep track of and remember, and it features a dizzying array of options. People who are turned off by that complexity gravitate to the iPhone because the choices are simple and few.

  2. “iPhones are for people who care”?? Are you for real?
    They *don’t* care that Apple was deliberately slowing older phones in order to get people to ditch them and buy a new one. If they ‘care’ it’s about profits.
    An iPhone is about image. An android is about function. An iPhone is about following the herd, conforming and accepting what you are given. An android is about being able to customise your phone in order to make it work for the individual.

    If Aldous Huxley had written mobile phones into his ‘Brave New World’, the so called ‘civilise’ people would all conform and own an iPhone. The ‘savages’ would own androids.

    iPhone motto : “conform, comply, consume”
    Android motto: “Be the best that you can be”

  3. “we buy because of community” translation – “we buy because of the herd mentality and cult like grab this company has on us”

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