Here’s how to schedule messages to Send Later in iOS 18 on iPhone

Schedule messages to Send Later in iOS 18 on an iPhone

By Dave Johnson - Executive Editor
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Whether it’s too late at night or too important to forget, you can now schedule a message to send at a specified time.

Follow along below for how to use Send Later with Messages on iPhone as the feature is a bit buried in the app’s settings.

How to schedule messages to Send Later in iOS 18

Note: Send Later in Messages only works with iMessages, not SMS texts

  1. Open the Messages app on your iPhone.
  2. Select an existing text or create a new one
  3. Write your text, but before hitting the send button, tap the icon on the left side of the text field
  4. Tap More (or swipe down), now choose Send Later
  5. Pick a date and time to schedule the message
  6. Tap the send button (up arrow) to set the scheduled message

After you set a scheduled message, it will show up on your screen in the thread with a dotted-line bubble.

Tap Edit if you’d like to change the scheduled date/time, want to send it now, or delete the scheduled message.

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By Dave Johnson Executive Editor
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