How to speed up a video on iPad

Learn how to speed up videos on iPad using the iMovie app

By Emily Long - Staff Writer
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There are a ton of cool things you can do with videos captured on an iPad, without using a third-party app. One feature is the option to speed up a video, which is great for things like unboxings, walk throughs of a venue, cooking videos, vacation videos, and fun effects for all types of content. It’s fairly simple to speed up videos on iPad using just a few easy steps within the pre-loaded iMovie app.

How to speed up a video on iPad using iMovie

  1. Launch the iMovie app on your iPad.
  2. Under Start New Project, tap Movie.
  3. Select the clip or clips you want to speed up.
  4. Tap on Create Movie.
  5. Tap on a clip within the timeline so the menu pops up at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Select the Speed button (it resembles a clock).
  7. Move the yellow bar to adjust the speed of the clip, making it faster (by sliding to the right) or slower (by sliding to the left).
  8. To create different speeds within the same video, drag the yellow range handles to the segment where you want them to land.
  9. Select Add to create another section with a different speed, with range handles and speed settings of its own.
  10. Tap anywhere outside the timeline to indicate that you’re done.
  11. Select Done at the top left to save the movie. You can then access it in iMovie or select Share to send to someone, a social media app, or just choose Save Video to save it to your Camera Roll.

How to speed up a slo-mo video on iPad

If you previously captured a video using the slo-mo option in the Camera app and want it to run at full speed (or faster) now, you can do this right from the Photos app.

  1. Launch the Photos app on your iPad.
  2. Go to Albums and scroll down to Slo-mo.
  3. Find the slow-motion video you want to speed up and tap on it.
  4. Tap Edit at the top right corner.
  5. Drag the two tallest white vertical bars together that show up in the timeline. This will remove the slo-mo effect.
  6. Tap Done. Use the same drag bars and perform the opposite action if you want the video to revert to slo-mo again. If you want to now speed up this version of the video in a customized way, follow the instructions above.

Create cool videos by speeding them up

You can edit cool videos on your iPad using iMovie, one of the best iPad apps, including speeding them up. Yes, that means virtually any video that exists in your iPad’s library is a candidate. Keep in mind that you can only speed videos up to twice the actual speed using iMovie. In order to speed it up more than that, you’ll need to look into third-party software.

While speeding up a video requires iMovie in post-processing, you can slow down videos right from the camera capture stage as long as you choose the slo-mo option built into the Camera app on all the latest iPads before tapping the shutter to begin the recording. If the video wasn’t taken in slo-mo, you’ll have to use iMovie to slow it down in entirety or in certain spots, using similar steps as shown above.

It’s also worth noting that even if you adjust the speed of your video in iMovie to make it slower or faster, the pitch and speed of the accompanying audio (if any) will remain the same. You can, however, select the audio settings and choose "Speed changes pitch" so the audio speeds up with the video as well. Typically, however, you might find it useful to silence the audio and add your own soundtrack to the newly created, sped-up version of the video. Once it’s done, go ahead and share your creation on social media and impress your friends and followers.

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By Emily Long Staff Writer
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