Why are Apple Pencils so Expensive? (Top 12 Reasons)

A person using Apple Pencil on the new iPad Air.

The Apple Pencil is an essential tool for creatives, graphic designers, artists, and note-takers who own an iPad. However, many people wonder why the Apple Pencil is so expensive compared to other styluses in the market. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the high cost of Apple Pencil.

1. Advanced Technology

One of the main reasons why the Apple Pencil is expensive compared to other styluses in the market is the advanced technology used to create it. Both the first and second generation Apple Pencils use advanced sensors and touch controls to provide a responsive and accurate experience. These sensors detect pressure and tilt angles, allowing users to create thick and thin lines with ease. The second generation Apple Pencil also features a double-tap gesture that allows users to switch between tools with a quick tap. The pencils also use palm rejection technology, which prevents accidental marks from the user’s hand. The high-end technology used in the Apple Pencils makes them more expensive than other styluses in the market.

2. Premium Design and Materials

Another reason for the high cost of the Apple Pencil is its premium design and materials. The pencil is sleek, elegant, and ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and precision. The outer casing of the pencil is made of high-quality materials such as anodized aluminum, which makes it durable and long-lasting. The tip of the pencil is also made of a special material that allows it to glide smoothly on the screen without scratching it.

3. Exclusive Compatibility

One reason why the Apple Pencil is expensive compared to other styluses in the market is its exclusive compatibility with Apple’s iPad. The Apple Pencil and Apple Pencil 2 are specifically designed to work with iPads, providing an experience that is not available with other styluses. The Apple Pencil requires a display built for it, which iPads have, and the exclusivity of its compatibility with iPads adds to its value proposition for creative professionals who rely on Apple’s tablet devices for their work. This exclusive compatibility is a result of Apple’s focus on creating an integrated ecosystem of hardware and software that delivers a seamless user experience, which is a key part of the company’s brand and value proposition.

4. Research and Development Cost

Apple invests a significant amount of money in research and development to create innovative products. Before the Apple Pencil was released, Apple likely spent a significant amount of money on research and development. Developing a product with advanced features and high-quality materials requires extensive testing, experimentation, and prototyping. These costs are factored into the price of the final product.

5. Marketing and Branding

Apple is known for its marketing and branding strategies, which are often very effective in creating a demand for their products. The high cost of the Apple Pencil is partly due to the marketing and branding efforts that create a perception of exclusivity and quality around the product.

6. Manufacturing Costs

The cost of manufacturing the Apple Pencil is likely higher than that of other styluses due to the high-quality materials and advanced technology used in its construction. The production process involves precision engineering and assembly, which requires skilled labor and specialized equipment. These costs are passed onto the consumer, resulting in a higher price tag.

7. Apple’s Brand Reputation

Apple has built a reputation for creating high-quality, premium products that are associated with luxury and exclusivity. The Apple Pencil is no exception, and its price reflects the brand’s reputation for excellence. People who are willing to pay a premium for Apple products are likely to be willing to pay for the Apple Pencil as well.

8. Supply Chain Cost

Apple sources its components and materials from a variety of suppliers, and these costs can add up quickly. For example, the Pencil’s battery and sensors may be sourced from different suppliers, each of which has its own costs. Apple also has a complex supply chain that involves shipping and logistics, which can also contribute to the overall cost of the Pencil.

9. Environmental Considerations

Apple is committed to minimizing its environmental impact, and this commitment comes at a cost. The materials used in the Apple Pencil are carefully selected to minimize the environmental impact, and the product is designed for longevity and durability. These environmental considerations may add to the cost of the product.

10. Market Positioning

Apple positions the Apple Pencil as a premium product for professionals and creatives, which allows them to charge a higher price. The product is not aimed at casual users or those on a budget, and its high price reinforces the perception that it is a professional-grade tool.

11. Profit Margin

As a for-profit company, Apple aims to make a profit on every product it sells. The Apple Pencil’s high price point may be partially due to Apple’s desire to make a healthy profit margin on each sale.

12. Development of Software and Features

The Apple Pencil is not just a hardware device; it also includes software features that are designed to enhance the user experience. For example, the Pencil’s pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition require specialized software that was developed specifically for the Pencil. This development work is not cheap and is included in the price of the product.


The high cost of the Apple Pencil can be attributed to a combination of factors, including advanced technology, premium design and materials, exclusive compatibility, research and development, marketing and branding, manufacturing costs, Apple’s brand reputation, environmental considerations, marketing positioning, profit margin, and more. While the high price may be a barrier for some users, the Apple Pencil is a high-quality, versatile tool that provides a unique and superior experience for creatives, making it worth the investment for many.

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