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Do you need a more powerful PDF editor than your Mac’s Preview app or other free alternatives? UPDF for Mac is one such tool that offers more power and convenience in a premium package.

What is UPDF? Why should you download it?

UPDF is a PDF editor, markup tool, organizer, and reader with a clean UI that emphasizes content. Though many of us can get away with free PDF apps like Preview, some require more powerful tools for annotation, sharing, editing, and signing PDFs. That’s where premium apps like UPDF kicks in.

Editing PDFs on Mac is Never So Easy

UPDF for Mac is a fast, full-featured PDF editing tool that’s particularly easy to use because it’s designed with a simple and clear user interface that won’t confuse anybody.

Drag. Drop. Edit. That’s it!

Edit PDF

UPDF for Mac offers comprehensive PDF editing tools that give you the power to do just about anything to your PDF files. It’s as easy as drag and drop.

  • Edit Text: UPDF for Mac provides a range of text editing tools, including font styles, sizes, and formatting options.
  • Edit Image: UPDF can edit the images in your PDF. You can rotate, crop, or replace the images in your PDF. The app can resize, shrink, and stretch your images.
  • Edit Links: The software allows users to edit links within PDFs, making it easy to update URLs or add new links.
  • Edit Headers & Footers: Users can customize headers and footers across PDFs, including adding text, images, or logos.
  • Edit Watermarks & Backgrounds: UPDF for Mac offers advanced watermark and background editing tools, enabling users to add custom designs or remove existing ones.
  • Organize Pages: The software provides tools to organize PDF pages, including rearranging, deleting, or merging pages.

Explore the Power of Generative AI Right Inside UPDF on Mac


UPDF for Mac integrates AI technology to enhance productivity and creativity. Users can leverage AI-powered features such as:

  • Translate PDF: Translate any language to what you need with UPDF Mac PDF editor.
  • Summarize PDF: Summarize long PDFs or simplify complex data charts in seconds.
  • Ask PDF: Chat and ask any questions on PDF content. Get explanations for selected text.
  • Chat: The UPDF AI chat function extends beyond topics found in the document. It’s an AI chatbot that interacts with PDF documents, answers questions, and provides insights in a conversational manner for improved productivity. Ask about any topic and the AI can answer.

Your Go-to for PDF Reading and Annotating

UPDF makes it very easy to read PDF files on Mac. Alongside reading your PDF files, you can also write PDF on Mac using a variety of tools.

  • Cloud Storage: 10 GB of cloud storage. This makes it incredibly easy to securely store and sync your PDF files and make them available across all the platforms.
  • Markup Tools: 14 markup tools to review PDFs. You can underline, strikethrough, and add text boxes, stamps, shapes, stickers, and more.
  • Page Display Modes: 5 page display modes to view PDFs flexibly.
  • Light / Dark Read Modes: Options for light and dark read modes.

Simplify Your Workflow on Mac with Smart PDF Tools

UPDF for Mac provides tools to streamline your workflow, including:

  • Create fillable PDFs: Create fillable forms with text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, lists, drop-down lists and buttons.

  • Fill Forms: When the PDF document is sent, the recipient can easily fill out the pre-defined text fields and mark the appropriate entries in forms.

  • Sign PDFs: Add your signature with a keyboard, mouse, or a trackpad. Furthermore, you can customize the signature to your liking by adjusting its stroke and color.

  • Protect PDFs: Protect PDFs with passwords, permissions, or encryption so only the intended recipient can access your sensitive information.

  • Redact: Redact sensitive information from PDFs.

  • Bates Numbering: Add Bates numbering to PDFs for easy referencing.

Convert PDF with OCR Effortlessly

OCR PDF reader

If you want to do OCR PDF on Mac, UPDF has you covered. The software has OCR technology for converting scanned documents to editable PDFs. The software supports:

  • 14 formats: Convert PDFs to or from 14 popular formats including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • 38 languages: Recognize and extract text from images or scanned PDFs in 38 languages.

Should I Buy UPDF?

Free apps typically don’t cover all the bases, and premium apps often cost too much. That’s what makes UPDF so great. It’s in the sweet spot of doing a lot and costing a little.

When you chose UPDF Editor, you get a full-featured PDF editor with OCR and AI tools you won’t find in other PDF editors. Despite having more features and a universal license, UPDF is intuitive, user-friendly, and it’s available at a much lower price.

When a PDF editor is an all-in-one app that can accomplish all of your tasks, it simplifies the workflow. It could become your go-to PDF editing solution.

If you need to find an AI PDF tool that is lightweight and easy to use, then UPDF is a very good choice. If you have any other questions about this software, leave a comment down below.

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