Tempered Glass Vs Liquid Screen Protector: Which is Better for iPhone?


Looking to guard the screen of your iPhone or iPad? No problem. In this article , we shall provide you with merits and demerits of tempered glass screen protector and liquid screen protector.

Getting a screen protector for your iPhone or iPad is very important therefore, in case you are planning to purchase a screen protector to shield your iPhone from those annoying scratches you see on smartphones screen, you have come to the right place. Here is a complete guide which will help you to choose between Tempered glass screen protector vs liquid screen protector.

Its worth mentioning that both tempered glass screen protector and liquid screen protector do an excellent job at protecting your iPhone’s screen. They have unique physical characteristics That sets them apart.
Tempered glass protector
is made with tempered glass. On the other hand, Liquid screen protector uses liquid glass.
Without further ado, let’s dive into identifying the differences between Tempered glass screen protector vs liquid screen protector and establish which one is superior to the other!

Tempered glass screen protector vs liquid screen protector for iPhone

Here is a comprehensive comparison between Tempered glass protector Vs liquid screen protector.

Liquid Screen Protector

Liquid screen protector


  • Very smooth
    Liquid screen protector is very smooth. It’s quick and simple to install on your iPhone or iPad screen. In this regard, it can defend your device screen from scratch.
  • Highly transparent
    Liquid glass protector is highly transparent due to its thin layer to your iPhone screen. It offers clear viewing experience from all angles.
  • Enormously responsive to the touch
    Liquid screen protector is highly sensitive to the screen. In this regard, it responds swiftly to taps and swipes.
  • Extremely lightweight
    Liquid glass protector adds a very thin layer on your device screen. Thanks to its’ ultra-light design, it’s barely noticeable to most users.
  • Bubble Free, Easy to Clean
    The liquid screen is capable of protecting your device screen against bubbles. If you are averse to bubbles and can’t put up with them, it can be a great choice. In addition, It is easy to clean using a soft piece of cloth.


  • Less Impact Protection
    When it comes to providing full protection against drops, bumps and scratches, toughened glass blows liquid screen guard out of water. If you are looking to guarding your iPhone from accidental bumps or drops, tempered glass protector is a better option.
  • Comparatively Less Scratch Resistance
    Liquid glass protector can only defend your touchscreen to a given extent. Your iPhone display would be susceptible to sharp scratch.
  • Gets Easily Discoloured from Sun and Oil
    The other drawback of the liquid screen protector is that it doesn’t have adequate resistance to ward off the sun, oil, and grime for a long period of time. In addition, it’s more susceptible to fingerprint.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Tempered glass protector


  • Highly protective
    tempered glass offers a high level of protection. To prove it’s efficiency, you can use it in passenger vehicle windows, shower doors, smartphones screen protectors and more. Tempered glass screen protector boasts an hardness rating of 9H. In this regard, it can adequately protect your device from bumps, dropps or scratches.
  • A Lot Safer
    Tempering puts the interior into tension and exterior into compression. In this regard, should the glass break, it crushes into tiny granular pieces that cause less damage to your device.
  • Boasts Four to Six Times stronger than regular Glass
    Most tempered glass screen protectors are highly durable. Compared to the regular glass, tempered glass is 4 to 6 times stronger. It’s pretty tough and entirely capable of shielding your iPhone’ screen from those annoying Scratches.
  • Exceptionally Sensitive to the Touch
    tempered glass is highly sensitive to the touch. Moreover, it’s capable of protecting your device from oil, grime, dust and those ugly fingerprints allowing it to remain functional for a long time. What makes it durable is the oleophobic coating.
  • Incredibly Transparent
    Tempered glass offers the highest level of transparency and provides crystal clear display. Its’ HD clearness offers users great viewing experience from all angles making them worth investing in.


  • Prone to Breakage
    Tempered glass screen protector is prone to damage. If the edge of the glass develops a crack, the whole unit Will in the end get damaged.
  • Less aesthetic
    Sleekness is a major determiner when it comes to buying a smartphone. Therefore, thick, inconspicuous tempered glass screen protector can be a deal breaker to many.
  • Can Pose Security Risk
    Tempered glass could pose security risk in some cases. The tendency to get completely shattered upon hard impact pose a security risk especially to kids.

The Verdict:

Putting Liquid Screen Protector Vs Tempered Glass head to head, Tempered glass screen protector is superior compared to liquid screen protector. Whether you want to protect your iPhone from drops, bumps, or scratchs, the former is superior to the latter. Though liquid screen protector can guard your device from scratches and cracks, you cannot compare it to the thicker, harder tempered glass protector.

Most people prefer the tempered glass protector for its ease of installation. In addition, it offers maximum screen protection to your
Moreover, tempered Glass protectors are totally bubble-free, easy to remove and clean. Therefore, liquid screen guards does not beat it in this regard either.

So, Liquid Screen Protector Vs Tempered Glass? Which one do you choose? Let us know in the comment section below. We also have plenty of other articles that I suggest you check right now.

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