Beef Up Your Security: A Guide to Detecting and Removing Malware from Your Mac


For many decades, Mac machines stayed ahead of their Windows counterparts in terms of safety. They demonstrated a higher level of resilience against malware. Therefore, they built a permanent safety reputation in the minds of many users. This image can be further solidified by the fact that we have never had a Mac epidemic. That’s why it’s hard to convince many people that Mac computers are also vulnerable to malware. If you are one of them, you should change your mind. The reason is that the 2020 State of Malware Report shows that modern hackers are directing more attacks against Macs. The report shows that hackers increased their attacks on Mac PCs last year alone by a staggering 400% increase, emphasizing how important it is to take precautions and beef up your PC safety. Read on to discover how you can detect and remove viruses targeting your Mac.


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Detecting Malware: Top Signs to Look For

Detecting viruses on your Mac is easy if you know how to do it. Below are the leading signs you need to look for to know whether your machine is infected or not.

  • Your PC will suddenly start performing slower than ever.
  • You will notice strange ads popping up on your machine’s screen.
  • You will also notice some strange app icons on your Mac’s desktop, yet you never installed them.
  • A virus infection can replace your custom browser with a new one.
  • You will notice your machine redirecting you to strange web pages when loading.
  • You will also see severe threats and warnings popping up and forcing you to download specific programs.
  • Your machine or its programs start shutting down or restarting automatically.

Removing Malware

So, what do you do if malware has already invaded your Mac? Here are two main ways of removing malware from your PC.

Manual Removal

If you have identified the malicious app disturbing your Mac, you can start by closing and rooting it out of its system’s processes. You will need to do so by:

  1. Opening the Activity Monitor by typing its name in the Launchpad;
  2. Locating the malicious program the Processes;
  3. Using the [x] button to stop the process.
  4. Afterward, you will return to the Applications and send the program to the Trash bin and empty it immediately.

Although this method is easy and straightforward, you will need more time to do it successfully. Also, by the time you were sending it to trash, it may have scattered into different folders. So, it’s safer to use an effective antivirus app.

Cleaning Your Login Data

At times, many malware programs hide in your Mac’s bootup process. Fortunately, you can remove them without a sophisticated antivirus app. Here is how to do it.

  1. Opening the Apple menu, then the System Preferences.
  2. Choosing the Users & Groups section.
  3. Next, ensure you have highlighted your username.
  4. Then, open the Login Items tab.
  5. Use the “—” sign to disable all the malware.
  6. Lastly, reboot the machine to apply the changes.

Additional Steps:
You also need to take the following steps to safeguard your Mac.
If you fear that the malware you dealt with could return, you can create a new user profile on your machine. The reason is that most malware targets users and not devices.
It would be best if you ran a malware detector on your PC to ensure that it is always safe.
You can also restore your machine’s older version to eliminate the virus. This solution is easy, although you may lose any change you made after you made the last backup on the Mac.
If things remain complex, don’t fear to call for technical support to deal with the malware.
Although Macs lead their Windows counterparts in safety matters, recent hacking onslaughts have exposed them to attacks. Therefore, be aware that you are not 100% safe unless you stay ahead of hackers. To help you do this, we shared insights on how to boost your security by detecting and removing malware. We hope you will use them well to remain on top of the security game.

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