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Apple recently announced a new operating system for the Apple Watch, the beta version of which is already being tested in combat mode. Its name is watchOS 7. In this regard, we decided to put together the best apps that will perfectly complement your new watch with the new firmware, which will inspire you for a new life.

Cost: Free

Despite the name, which refers the user to a car or bike race, it can also be used without a vehicle. The Peleton app turns your watch into a serious fitness tracker for running, yoga, circuit training, and even meditation with the ability to track your progress.
The watch screen, of course, doesn’t allow you to watch streaming video, but it’ll do just fine for an information board: It displays pace and distance readings for runs, heart rate tracking for all types of exercise, and the rest of the statistics. It also integrates with the Apple Health app.

Gymatic Workout Tracker
Cost: Free

If you want to look like Channing Tatum in his prime years, the first thing to do is put down the bun and download the Gymatic Workout Tracker. This thing can automatically pick up your workouts, set the number of reps, and is also famous for tracking the number of calories burned more accurately than other apps. Gymatic Workout Tracker is not just about the walkout. The app has been tested on all kinds of workouts – from running and gymnastics to bodybuilding and CrossFit.
The Apple Watch app displays all the key parameters when you’re panting – rep count, heart rate, number of reps left, and even a little preview showing how to do the current exercise if you forgot how to squat with a barbell in the middle of a workout. The biggest downside is that the free version is limited in functionality. For full stuffing, you need to pay as much as $50.

Cost: Free

Perhaps the smartest fitness app in our collection. RocketBody not only keeps a log of your activities but based on this data it shows your way to a healthy body – makes a workout plan and makes predictions on the amount of time spent on all this. It does this by continuously monitoring your EKG, the number of steps, calorie consumption, and amount of food you eat during the day, so if you eat a Big Mac, take off your watch.

The watch form factor app allows you to control the app’s workout tracking from your wrist, displaying total time spent, calorie expenditure, and current heart rate in a simple and easy-to-read format. The minus is the same as the previous application – for full functionality, you will have to pay your hard-earned money.

Nike Run Club
Cost: Free

It would be strange to do a review without Nike. Their mobile apps are considered the benchmark among users for a reason (see average rating) and we agree with their reviews. The app tracks all runs and their stats offers to listen to audio guides while you run, and even has a motivation system so you don’t get the urge to foul up today.

Run Club’s top-notch design beats all the competition around, and the functionality is sure to please even professional runners. Best of the Best.

Note-taking/productivity apps
If you see a man talking to his watch, take the time to diagnose him. This busy gentleman or businesswoman may be taking another voice memo so that she doesn’t forget to do what’s most important.

Cost: free

The app relies on voice notes and makes it very handy to work with, in case you are using a watch. In addition to the notes themselves, ‘Noted’ adds timestamps, and everything you’ve written down during the day can be transferred to your iPhone, where you can add text to your notes, add a photo or video content, and export in a format you like. How cool is that? Cool!

Writing down thoughts or ideas on the go is a great idea and there are no complaints about the interface of the app itself. But the 5 notes limit for the free version is. But it is not worth complaining to the developers, a monthly subscription will be worth a cup of coffee – only $2.

Productive – Habit Tracker
Cost: free

In the beginning, it was a word. Then the word became a habit. That’s what Productive – Habit Tracker was created for. Drink 2 liters of water a day, walk at least 10,000 steps – you set your own “rules” for your checklist. The app will help you stick to your daily routine and turn good habits into regular good habits.
The emphasis in the app is on usability – it is as simple as possible. The watch version lets you see what tasks need to be done today, reminds you when it’s time to do them, and lets you either mark a task as done

FiLMiC Pro
Price: $ 15

FiLMiC Pro is an app for video production professionals. The developers claim that it can shoot video on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with a real gamma distribution logarithmic curve, contains a white balance matrix with ready-made and custom settings, slowdown and acceleration effects, linear zoom control, and more. Despite the controversial reviews, the app is well-deservedly popular
Why would an app like this need a watch version? Here, as with Camera Plus, the Apple Watch plays the role of remote control with which you can start, pause and resume video recording.

Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker
Cost: free

The app serves two purposes: to inform you if you’re sleeping properly and to automatically determine when it’s best to lift your head from the pillow, no matter how much you don’t want to. Artificial intelligence in collaboration with your body knows best.
It syncs with the Apple Health app to get a more complete picture of your overall health. Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker can set any sound or melody you want to wake up to (pulled from iTunes).

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