How to break iPhone addiction and check your phone less

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I’m certain virtually everybody uses their iPhone while on the toilet.
It’s possible you are reading this on the porcelain throne at the moment. If that’s the case, never mind. (I cannot judge you… in any way.) in this step-by-step guide, I’ll give you tips on how to break your iPhone addiction and check your phone less.

I’ve spent a disconcerting amount of time on my iPhone over the past 10 years. I do virtually everything on my phone. My iPhone has become an extension of whom I am. I use it as my wallet, my notepad, my calendar, My diary, my connection to work, and yes, the device that connects me to the world. Even when I lay down to sleep, my digital personal assistant is resting beside me, counting down the minutes until its alarm can go off shoving me to arise. However, though my iPhone has made my life convenient, many a times I’ve found myself blinking into its screen late at night, causing me to feel bleary-eyed and unproductive in the next day.

Nonetheless, everything feels urgent and significant on my iPhone. I barely notice how time flies by when I’m performing tasks such as surfing the internet, composing emails, chatting on social media, playing addicting iOS games and more.
My iPhone connects me to the world, but it’s also my personal anchor.

It’s difficult to estimate the number of hours the average person passes on their smartphone, however, the consensus is approximated to be somewhere between three and five hours daily. Cumulatively, that’s approximately 45 to 75 complete days each year. Or, say differently, those are essentially two whopping months.

To cab my iPhone usage, I’ve taken serious steps towards customizing my iPhone, making my home screen as basic as possible. Honestly, it’s quite an extreme route to take, however, it has transformed my iPhone into a tool. Currently, my apps are customed to my needs as opposed to my longings, and I’m glad to admit that, my eyes can now rest easy. If you need to break iPhone addiction, there are a few simple steps which you need to follow.
here is the step by step guide which can help you break iPhone addiction and make your iPhone support your life, not the opposite.

How to break your iPhone addiction

If you are looking for iPhone addiction help, here are the step-by-step instructions which can help you to break iPhone addiction and check your phone less.

Blow up your home screen

The most important step to breaking your iPhone addiction is to get rid of all the stuff that makes your iPhone quite sidetracking. Bid farewell to iPhone addiction apps such as
The infinite stream of social media takes away most of your precious time.
If not they’re essential to your job, they should not be distructive either. (Netflix should not disrupt you as well.) The key point is to Eliminate all the stuff that isn’t totally significant, cutting your apps down to the least amount. Try instead to access these services on your computer, where you can consume and produce content in a more efficient manner.

To Delete an app on your iPhone, tap and hold down its icon. Then tap “Delete App.”

Keep in mind, in case this is your very first iPhone detox, it could be quite difficult to stop the harbit completely. I suggest you keep a few apps for leisure to prevent you from reverting back to the old lifestyles.
Keep apps such as “cheat meals,” something to pick you up, as opposed to viewing apps as a bulk of your digital diet. This will help you overcome iPhone addiction.

Rearrange your apps

If you don’t want to delete some of your apps, no worries. You can use other techniques to cut back. You can
Rearrange apps Like your desk, think about how to optimize your iPhone for your needs. You can place apps into folders, you create a slight enclosure to opening them—two taps instead of one. Instead of launching them without a second thought, you are compelled to think for a minute : “What do I want to do?” And in most cases, that will suffice to hold you back from the trance of iPhone usage. If you are consciously deciding which app to launch and at what time, you are closer to breaking iPhone addiction.
To create a folder on your iPhone, tap and hold on an app’s icon. Then, drag the app over another . The iOS will create a folder with a default title. Through this trick, you can keep or change the folder name or even drag additional apps to the folder

Be cautious about the apps you place on your home screen and dock. You’ll see them each time you unlock your iPhone, therefore, be extra careful with that. Personally, I’ve placed Messages and Waze apps on my dock. I’ve transferred the Phone app because I barely use it.

Set time limits

Internet browsers, particularly Google Chrome and Safari are my weakness. Though I’ve successfully eliminated social media apps from my system, it’s unfortunate that I find ways to evade my own restrictions. By making it very hard to use my browsers, it raises the bar for when I go online. I’ve applied a number of privacy restrictions to hide Safari) and app limits (to cap how much time I spend on the internet), this has helped me limit the amount of time I spend on the web on my iPhone.

To block an app on your iPhone, head over to Settings and tap on Screen Time. Then, under Content & Privacy Restrictions, tap on Allowed Apps. You can control which apps are available on your device from this screen. Moreover, you can set limits on the amount of time you can use individual app under App Limits section.

A colleague found it quite challenging to control his iPhone usage that he requested me to set up a Screen Time Passcode for him. consequently, I’m the only person who can change the settings on his device. In most cases, this feature is used by parents to control their children’s devices. Read

Make iPhone safe for kids: guide to iOS parental control

Turn on grayscale

Besides hiding or deleting individual apps, you can make your iPhone to appear less attractive by Getting rid of its colors. It’s possible to make your iPhone appear like something out of the 1930s through a simple hack of enabling grayscale,.
To enable grayscale on your iPhone, head over to Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size. now, scroll down to find Color Filters and enable it. Tap Grayscale and you are all set.

You can also enable Grayscale quicklyby setting up Accessibility Shortcut. You will then be required to triple-click the home button to switch modes.
In the Accessibility Menu, scroll down to find Accessibility Shortcut, then tap on Color Filters.

Turn off notifications

To be successful in breaking iPhone addiction, it is critical to turn off notifications. Obviously, this is immensely determined by individuals, Therefore, I cannot provide absolute guidance here. What I can say is this—most people pick up their iPhone enough already (dozens if not hundreds of times every day). You seldom require extra reminders to check on an app or play a game.
To adjust your notifications preferences, head over to Settings > Notifications and choose the apps you want to send you notifications. Make sure the notifications you allow are essential and meaningful. For myself, I lean towards the side with smaller number of notifications, by just allowing Phone, Messages, Calendar and Slack to send me notifications. I’ve also enabled banner notifications for navigation apps Such as Waze and Maps.

Closing thoughts on how to break your iPhone addiction

That’s pretty much it on how to break your iPhone addiction. In a world that’s always on, these tricks have really helped me to overcome iPhone addictions. Despite the fact that my iPhone is close to me at all times, I should not allow it to consume my life. Taking control of my iPhone usage has made me feel more calm and focused on stuff that actually matter to me.
My iPhone may be less exhilarating than it should, however, it’s helping me get in touch with the world directly, as opposed to living with a screen flashing in my face.
Now, readers, which Tricks do you use to stop iPhone addiction? Let us know in the comments section below. We also have plenty of other articles that I suggest you check right now.

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