How to Contact Apple Online Live Chat: Check the Steps

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Apple offers different ways to provide support for your products. One of them is live chat support. Live chat lets users use instant / live (real-time) messaging to contact Apple’s
support team through its website. You get quicker response via Apple’s live chat than emails.This is because most users prefer chat assistance to
emails and phone calls. You can schedule a chat with an Apple expert who specializes in your exact question.

It’s worth noting that if you need hands-on technical support for any of your Apple device, you can get expert advice at the Genius Bar. You
make a Genius bar reservation.

I think that the fastest and most convenient way to get support is through chat with Apple expert. Even better, Apple support chat is available 24×7.

Apple’s support team can provide you with an answer to any questions that you may have about Apple products, hardware (iPhone, iPad, etc), software (iOS, macOS, FaceTime, Pages,
etc) and services (
Apple Music,

It’s worth noting that live chat is not available in all countries.

How to access Apple live chat support 

  1. Head over to Apple’s web site:
  2. Tap Support.
  3. Tap Contact Support (top menu bar).
  4. Tap Talk to us. It may also read “Tell us how we can help”. Alternatively, you can directly access this page by clicking the
  5. Now select a product or service. For example, if you are having issues with your iPad, click iPad. Or if you are having an issue with your Apple
    ID, click
    Apple ID.
    Now choose the exact iPad issue you are having, like the battery, back-up, Apple ID, or Wi-Fi issues. There is also an option to search for topics.
  6. Now you will be asked a more specific problem that you are experiencing. If your problem is not in the list, choose the “the topic is not listed” option.
    If you select this option, you will be required to describe your problem in the next screen.
  7. Now, select how you prefer to get help. If you prefer the live chat option, simply select the “Chat”. The page will also tell you the approximate waiting period.
  8. Here, you need to either sign in with your Apple ID and password or enter your products serial or IMEI number. How do you find your serial number? it’s easy. For instance if you are experiencing a Mac issue, you can find your Mac’s serial number by simply heading over to Apple menu > About This Mac. Or if you are experiencing
    an issue with your iPhone or iPad, you can find the serial number by simply heading over to Settings > General > About.
    It may take a couple of minutes before you talk to an Apple expert. The next available agent will be with you to help you fix your problems. Once you are connected,
    a live chat representative will ask you to explain your problem, after you describe your issue, the representative will do everything possible to help you fix your issue.

I was able to fix most of my issues using the Apple chat option. However, in case you are not able to fix your requests, you can use other options. As I pointed out
above, Apple offers several ways which you can use to request and receive technical support. For example, you can call Apple support and visit anApple store. But
do not worry your problem will be fixed as Apple is committed to helping its customers.

Also, you can
send feedback to Apple
 (a suggestion or reporting a problem). Although Apple may not provide a response, Apple read every feedback they get. Your feedback will help Apple enhance your

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