How to Use Your Apple Watch to Get Fit In 3 Steps

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Indeed, with the current situation, you might have an excuse that you don’t need a beach body to show off. Nevertheless, fitness isn’t only about looking good. Moreover, it’s about feeling good.
Which makes it more relevant than ever. We aren’t doing the most for our personal well-being currently, with all of us sitting mostly inside and consuming media. Actually, it could be easier than you may think. Because we literally have the solution at hand. It’s called
Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is a super useful fitness-tracking device. However, you don’t have to use all its features and trends to become fitter. One thing that makes an Apple Watch to stand out from the pack though, is its simplicity. You simply close your rings to get fitter. That’s pretty much it.

It’s more of a game. We can quickly become part of it. We play it with friends, whenever and wherever we are. No matter if we’re going for a run at 5 am or if we hike a volcano on vacation, independently from us being in Europa, Asia, or America.
In this guide, we’ll keep it as simple as possible. That means, I’ll discuss just three simple steps on how to use your Apple Watch to get fit into time. Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

Step 1: Set an uncomfortable move goal

By doing so, you ensure that you need to leave your comfort zone. Because in your comfort zone, there is no progress taking place. It’s straightforward, right?
Set your individual move goal smartly
You don’t want to set it too low or too high. Too low and it won’t help you. Too high, and you’ll quickly lose the motivation to pursue it.
At the start, the number doesn’t matter. If you’re used to having a move goal around 400 calories a day, go for 500 instead. If you have 600, go for 700. Simply do more.
Now, let’s look at the critical part of things.

Step 2: Make closing the move ring a habit

Closing your move ring becomes your top priority now. Treat it like that. It doesn’t matter how you close your move ring. In fact, it’s a good idea to try different sports.
Tip: Use exercises that require a high pulse.
This burns more calories, helping you to lose weight and get fit. Cycling, running, skipping rope, swimming, HIIT, and exercises of that nature are recommended.
Gain momentum and keep it going. Although it might prove challenging during the first few days, you’ll feel the rush soon.
Personally, I’m about to hit 185 days of closing my move ring in a row. The start was difficult, especially in winter. However, with time you don’t want to break the streak, which is a great motivation to keep going.

Step 3: Enjoy how you get fit

I understand it doesn’t feel like that. As they say: Your journey is more important than your goal.
Enjoy the progress, and see how you’re getting fitter. How you become more performant, breaking your own records. And how much better it feels to see yourself naked in the mirror (oops).
Tip: Adjust your goal
If you figure that you met your move goal easily every day, adjust it accordingly. As such, you ensure lasting progress.
Have a good time, enjoy the journey, and make the most out of it.
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