3 Mac Tips and Tricks for College Students

By Dave Johnson - Executive Editor
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Mac laptops are popular with college kids for various reasons. Apart from being trendy and esthetically pleasing, they are easy to organize routine for a student whose life revolves around essay and assignments. These tips work well for anyone using this brand, but we have tailored them especially to MacBook for college students since most reach out with questions.

First, how to get through college on a Mac

Here are a few Mac tips and tricks to make your experience even better.

Check out the Night Shift

If you are working nights while advancing your education, more power to you, but this is not about the graveyard shift. When burning the midnight oil, you want to protect your eyes from your laptop’s glare by activating Night Shift or Dark Mode that then introduces a warmer light ideal for studying at night.

One moment it is 4 PM and the next, you’re late for dinner. Dynamic Desktop changes this by switching gears depending on the time of day. When you make the right changes, the wallpaper will clue you in on time changes based on how the sun goes down. No more missing dinner because you lost track of time while online.

Desktop Stacks

It’s pretty easy to identify a MacBook for students since the desktop is often littered with documents. Well, the developers noted this and probably thought, “Just do your assignments and we’ll provide professional help with organization.” Desktop Stacks enable smart sub-folders to save your documents depending on a format, such as PDF, doc, and so on. Just when you thought saving documents in your Mac couldn’t get any easier, they went and did that!

Mac apps for Students to Get You Through College

Mac is known for its trendy apps, but not all are tailored to a student’s needs. Well, someone must have heard the constant cry of college kids since we now have some cool apps.


Even with all these helpful apps, you will still be required to do your assignments and hand them in time. One of the apps you may need to check out is Manuscript for editing and perfecting footnotes. Its simplicity makes it possible for even the busiest student to go through their assignment in just a few minutes to ensure they are sending in the best copy.

MacFly Pro

You have probably let too many files to pile on your laptop with the hope of cleaning up later, only to slow it down after you forgot. Sorting through documents manually is tiring, which is why MacFly Pro is rated as highly as it is by students. It gets rid of duplicate files and other useless fill-ups that you should have gotten rid of yesterday.


If you’ve ever copied information to use later, then forgot, you will appreciate the assistance from Paste. It saves up all the copied information so that you can go through it later to pick up the useful stuff. This comes in handy when researching for an academic paper and citations.


Almost every student has interacted with this cloud-based app for taking notes, but that doesn’t dim its light. These tips for engineering students and any other person who needs to scribble as their day progresses are quite useful. Evernote eliminates the need for typing everything on sticky notes on your laptop, and even better is the fact that it syncs the notes you make on your laptop with your phone.

Explore your Mac for Full Benefit

We could not exhaust all the cool things you could achieve with your Mac. The first step is taking the time to know your laptop better by using the above apps more frequently and checking its settings. Developers are always updating apps to make them even more appealing to their targeted audience

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By Dave Johnson Executive Editor
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