Why is the iPad So Successful? Here’s the Truth

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As you may already know, the Apple iPad is that one tablet people look stupid taking mirror selfies with. Well, it’s way more than that. Surprisingly.
The Cupertino based brand released the
first generation iPad
in April of 2010. Initially, people treated it as a gimmick and it was seen as more of a cash grab on Apple’s side. People generally used it to consume media and maybe, just maybe, do some light web browsing.
Since then, Apple has made a variety of iPads that ranges from 7.9 inches to 12.9 inches display.
So, why is the iPad so successful?
Now that iPads have become more reliable and attractive in terms of design, people seem to have gotten the memo and bought into Apple’s strategy of making this a widely used piece of technology. Not only has the iPad transitioned from being perceived as just a bigger iPod but it’s become a staple in a lot of people’s lives, ranging from students in a university to veterans using it to connect with their loved ones.
The biggest game-changer in the evolution of Apple’s iPad was the introduction of the Apple Pencil back in 2015.

– [ ] This introduction was revolutionary since people finally had the chance to use this tablet in a manner that is familiar to everyone. People finally used it to write their to-do lists, take notes, sign documents, highlight important text, etc. It was the first time a product allowed people to go completely paperless.
Not only did it become a common device among the working population, it became something young adolescents saved up money for months, sometimes years for. As someone who interacts with students every now and then, I can confirm that a lot of today’s college youth is perceiving this Apple device to be an essential in College, and even in High School.
Note-taking apps such as “Goodnotes” and “Notability” have become very popular among note-takers. “Procreate” is an app all new age artists have heard about, and the list continues.
In addition to the young adolescent’s perceived essentials, people have started and maintained entire businesses on this tablet. Doctors use it to reinforce anatomy information. Even kids are a huge fan of this tablet.
So should you invest in one?
Today, you can get the premium iPad experience not paying any more than 329$.
– [ ] The Apple iPad is designed to be fast, slick, and usable. It even offers multitasking if you need to have multiple apps open at a time. It’s the ultimate personal data consuming device. If you read, watch or listen to stuff, the iPad gives you the best experience due to its larger screen size and improved battery life compared to a smartphone.
– [ ] Second, tablets are getting better at creating content. With an attachable external keyboard you can have the same experience as a laptop, sometimes even better. The apps are optimized for touch, which makes interfaces more user-friendly. Many people find that the iOS versions of these apps work more efficiently than the Mac OS or Microsoft versions.
– [ ] You can also choose an iPad screen size that best suits your routine, and it’s still lighter to carry around than the average laptop (a decent laptop is twice as expensive).

An iPad is said to be more of a consumption device – video, music, email, web, etc., but those are the the very things we spent most of the time on a PC anyway. However, if one wants, an iPad can double as a creation device as well – word processing, spreadsheets, slide shows, email composition, etc. Of course, processor rich tasks like design, programming, etc. would still need a powerful Computer, although since most of us don’t do that stuff. So computers, like trucks – in Steve Jobs’ parlance, are becoming a niche product.

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All in all, it depends on your preference, if you find all of the aforementioned things attractive and think a smaller tablet might improve your efficiency, I say go for it!

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