4 Great Applications You Need to Install on Your Mac

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The world of technology keeps on blooming; there seems to be no stop to it at all. From introducing new tech gadgets to new software applications, there is just so much going on at a single moment in time. In today’s article, we will be introducing you to some new and some old applications we should all have installed on our desktop. You may not agree with our list, but we feel these applications are a must-have for anyone from a student to an employee. Let’s not waste more time and get started.


In current times the demand for paper documents has undoubtedly declined. Business, hospitals, and many other organizations are not relying on technology to serve as a ground for submitting, editing, and creating documents. PDF is one of the best formats to develop documents. However, previously there was no way to edit the documents or sign them. Now, however, a software called sodapdf allows users to edit and even sign PDFs. Soda PDF offers a free online PDF reader, PDF creator, and PDF converter. You can also convert PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, and PDF to PPT.


Skype is a must-have application for any business in the market. Skype has been around for some time now and due to its major success, it doesn’t seem like it will be going anywhere any time soon. Skype allows for businesses to communicate with their employees anytime, anywhere. It provides the freedom to create groups too. This will allow for the partition of individual teams that can communicate with the designated party only. Skype is mostly for free. However, if you wish to make international calls or purchase a phone number, it won’t be something that will pierce your pocket.


Who doesn’t love Netflix? Netflix allows users to watch their favorite movies and TV series all on a single platform. You can download this application on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Once this application is downloaded, enjoy watching anything you like at any time. Another cool feature is that you can watch Netflix on PS4 as well as your X-Box. For those who are thrifty, please note that Netflix is quite economical, especially when compared to the average cable or phone bill, which can be outrageous.

Microsoft Sticky Notes

Microsoft Sticky Notes is a software that can benefit you in multiple ways for sure. For example, if you are an eco-friendly person and don’t wish to take down notes on a piece of paper, then you can do so on Sticky Notes. Any information you add to a sticky note will automatically be saved. Moreover, you can have more than one sticky note open at a single time. This helps to organize the sticky notes so you can keep each one for a separate entity altogether. Some cool features include the ability to change the background and font color, and they can be hooked to the internet.

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