6 Useful iPhone Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Your iPhone is more than a phone; it’s a tool to make your life easier.

One of the greatest benefits of having an iPhone is its versatility. You can use it for work, browsing the web, and even playing some games. And most of this is thanks to all the apps the App Store has to offer.

Whether it’s booking a ride or sending money right from your iPhone, App Store has a lot of useful apps that’ll make your everyday life a bit easier. Keep reading to find out more.


Even though Apple Music is better than Spotify in certain areas, Spotify is the best all-around music streaming app for iPhone. The app has the cleanest and most user-friendly interface in the field, and it features the strongest music discovery algorithms and social components for swapping music with your friends.

If you want to get rid of advertisements and have unlimited song skips, you can drop $10 per month for the Premium tier.


Maybe you are not aware, but you probably spend a lot of time trying to remember your passwords, especially if and when you forget one to an app you use on a regular basis.

1Password is a great app for iPhone that saves and remembers all your passwords for you in one place, so you can access all your favorite sites with one tap.

The app has a built-in password generator, so you won’t have to think up your own passwords. You’ll save time and keep all your accounts safe and secure.

Spark Mail

Usually, working with emails is quite cumbersome yes, boring, too). However, Spark Mail is designed to enhance the experience of working with your emails tremendously.

It’s worth pointing out that the features of Spark Mail are simple, yet deep and interactive. One of the great features of this nifty app is Smart Inbox that lets you focus on the most important emails and skip the noise. On the other hand, with Shared Inboxes, you can easily handle your inbox together with other people. The tool makes it possible to create and write collaborative emails with multiple users in real-time!

Other notable features include the ability to schedule, snooze, group, label, organize your emails, invite colleagues to discuss specific threads, and more!


Writers of any kind have got to try Ulysses! With an interface that is so easy to navigate and use, users can truly focus on what they write.

One thing that sets Ulysses apart is that when writing, you don’t have to worry about saving the document. The app saves your work on the fly as you write, allowing you to immerse yourself exclusively in what you are doing. In addition, the app features a built-in proofreader and editing assistant allowing users to detect possible errors or inconsistencies in the text.

Finally, the app offers a flexible export feature, you can create eBooks, export in all common text formats, or publish directly to platforms such as WordPress, Medium, or Ghost.


If you need to get somewhere and don’t own a car, hop in someone else’s ride. Uber allows you to call upon a private driver in your area who will help you get to where you need to go.

Stuck at the shopping mall? Call an Uber. Got an emergency call, and you have to travel immediately? Call an Uber. The uses are infinite, allowing you to get around with ease while also avoiding drunk drivers and other hazards. It’s all the ease of a taxi, at an affordable price, and without the fumbling for cash at the end.


The easiest online checkout method is right on your iPhone. The app makes it incredibly easy to manage your PayPal account, send and receive payments, and more. The app can also notify you of transactions, offering reliable reminders and alerts when you use PayPal as a payment method or have an upcoming bill due.

PayPal offers Face ID and Touch ID authentication for easy sign-ins, alerts any time funds are sent or received, and you can make transfers straight from your iPhone.

While you may never replace your bank with PayPal, the conveniences and security that the app brings to the table are worth the effort of linking a bank account.


Just like your iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch, your iPhone is filled with a ton of cool and useful apps you can use in your everyday life. Technology can impact your life in many ways, so be sure to try all these apps out and use the ones that help you out the most. If we missed any useful apps for iPhone, drop a comment and let us know.

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