Microsoft Word Vs. Apple Pages Vs. Google Docs – FIGHT!

It’s no secret that I’m a writer- I mean, hell, you’re reading something I’ve written right now. But to be a writer in 2020, you’re going to need some technology. And that’s what I’d like to talk about in this article. Whether you write on a MacBook or a PC, a Chromebook or an iPad, […]

Brave Browser: what is it and why you should stop using Chrome

I’ve restated this on various occasions but here I am again. Google Chrome is a browser that is not ideal for a huge chunk of internet users. Yet over 50% of internet users are using it. Despite its popularity, Google Chrome is a browser which has numerous significant drawbacks. These drawbacks can become a massive […]

I Switched from Google Chrome to Safari! Here’s Why

I did it. I ditched the behemoth browser that is Google Chrome in favor of Safari. And here are the reasons. #1. Safari is faster For a long time, the collective response to the above points was “Sure, but nothing is better”. However, recent versions of Safari are faster, sleeker, and better than Chrome. Seriously, […]

The Best iPad Apps for Students in 2020

if you are looking for the best iPad apps for students, here are the apps that can help you increase productivity, retention, and workflow. The possibilities to study smart and efficiently have never been greater. For the last couple of years, Apple has made some big strides to accommodate students. The release of the first […]

Top 4 Amazing Piano Apps

Learning how to play the piano can be a very difficult task. You’ll need to learn the correct hand placements and figure out what order to play the notes is. While you could pay for piano tutorials, there is a more modern solution to this problem. You could use a smartphone app. This is often […]

Cash Reader: The Best Money Reader For The Blind

Several of my blind and visually impaired secondary students have been exploring money reader apps for the blind and visually impaired this semester. One of their favorite apps they have really been into with its accessibility features is the app Cash Reader: a money reading mobile App for blind and visually impaired.Money reader app for the blind, money reader App for android, money reader App for iPhone,

10 Best Tools for Working Remotely From Home

For some, working remotely (or ‘working from home’ as it is popularly called) is not a strange concept, as technology companies have long adopted this style of working for their employees. Remote working styles are effective and increase productivity. The recent worldwide outbreak of the Coronavirus is forcing many companies to adopt the remote working […]

10 Best Grocery Delivery Apps for iPhone & iPad in 2020

A trip to a nearby supermarket or a mall to buy groceries can be an enjoyable pastime for retired people. However, for working couples, it is a responsibility. They don’t fancy the idea of offline shopping even on weekends. And therefore, online grocery shopping is a perfect solution for busy pairs, who can spend their […]

15 Best Drawing Apps For iPad in 2020

If you have an iPad, you should know about drawing apps. I know you might be thinking “But I’m not an artist.” We understand. However, drawing apps have numerous uses. They offer a great way to explore, create, and relax. Even better, they take advantage of some of the iPad’s premium features. Which drawing app […]

10 Best Tax Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

We feel it’s our obligation to tell you about the best tax apps for iPhone and iPad. We know what is running through your mind: Is it really possible to do your taxes on your phone? The short answer is “Yes, or it would defeat the whole purpose of this article,” but we know that […]