12 Amazing Advantages of Having an iPad in 2024

By Dave Johnson - Executive Editor
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Many people wonder Whats the use of an iPad if you have both an iPhone and a MacBook. Owning an iPad comes with a lot of benefits like multitasking, taking and editing photos and videos, portability, use of Apple Pencil to draw or write on the screen and many other benefits we are going to discuss below.

Advantages of iPad

Here are just but a few advantages of having an iPad in 2022

1. Multitasking

You can use multiple Apps on your iPad at the same time. Multitasking on an iPad is more intuitive and powerful than ever. Your iPad offers two ways of multitasking, that is, slide over and split view. Split view allows you to display two or three apps on the screen in their own resizable panes. While Slide Over lets you view two apps on the screen with one App in a narrow pane floating on the top of the other. Also you can drag and drop content between apps with touch or a trackpad.

2. Apple Ecosystem

Are you an Apple products fan? If yes, then the Apple Ecosystem is one thing to enjoy. Like, you can connect your iPhone with your iPad and transfer iCloud space and some Apps from iPhone to your ipads, connect your iPad with your Apple TV for larger screening or play some music to your HomePod by connecting your iPad with HomePod.

3. Portable

Portability in iPad is achieved in many ways. For example, you can be traveling and you need to move from location to location thus carrying your laptop with you will be tedious. So having an iPad with you it’s more advantageous because of it’s size and weight and still can perform many things like your laptop.

Also at the comfort of your house using iPad is more light and portable to move it across the house.

4. Use of Siri

Siri is among the most outrageous and creative advantages that the iPad provides. You can use the magic words “Hey Siri” to do a lot of things in your iPad. iPad user can dictate voice command that can guide in typing messages, replying to mails, play music and opening games.

5. Use of Apple pencil

The Apple Pencil allows you to take notes, draw, keep a journal, mark up documents and many other things on your iPad screen. iPad is always ready to capture your brightest ideas which you can easily share them, build on them and bring them to life. With Apple Pencil, you can write on your iPad screen and your handwriting can be just as powerful as a typed text, you copy it and paste as a typed text.

6. Easy to use

iPad has the same touchscreen features as the iPhone. This makes it easier to use. It has a larger display and bigger screen than the iPhone, thus those with sight problems don’t need to zoom in to see the screen because words and letters are big enough for them to see clearly.

7. Never leave an App again

When using an iPad, after leaving an App and opening other Apps, you don’t have to go to the homepage to open it again. You just need to scroll on the screen and find the app that u had opened earlier, this is because the Apps are saved on the screen. For example, you can be playing games and you leave the page to reply to a mail, then a Facebook notification pops in and you need to reply. After replying you want to go back again to games. So you don’t need to go to the homepage again and open the games app but you just need to flap on your screen to see the previously opened Apps and open the games App again.

8. Battery

It can be so boring having to carry your charger or power Bank anywhere you go just to charge your device when it’s out of power. But with the Apple iPad you can travel or use it for many hours without it getting out of the power. This makes it more loved by a lot of people.

9. GPS replacement

With data connectivity, you can use your iPad to show direction on your car or when you are traveling. Maps App which comes with your iPad helps you to navigate places easily due to its large display.

10. Taking and editing photos or video

You can take pictures or video using your iPad. They are of high quality because of high quality camera lenses. Also you can edit your pictures and videos using your iPad.

11. Use of e-book

Owning an iPad allows you to take your books with you and read them anywhere as e-books. E-books come in a variety of formats that might require you to use different applications in order to view and read them. E-books can be read using Apple Books, Amazon Kindle and as a PDF.

12. Better for gaming

iPad having a larger display makes it good for gaming. You can find games for action, adventures, racing, puzzles and many more in your App Store. You can also play with your friends, earn achievements, and compete on leaderboards using Game Center.

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These are advantages of having an iPad

With numerous benefits of having an iPad, it’s easy to figure out why iPads are preferred more. When it comes to recommending a friend or family member if they need to buy an iPad, the answer is yes. With an iPad you can multitask, use it for games, use an e-book and many more benefits that we have discussed above.

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