Top 11 benefits of AirTags: Apple’s Item Trackers

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AirTag is a small, puck-shaped tracker that can help you locate misplaced or stolen items with the Find My app. In this article, i’ll explain the advantages of Apple AirTags in 2022.

AirTags use ultra-wideband technology and Apple’s existing network of devices to help you track down lost or stolen items. Here are some of the advantages of Apple AirTags you should know.

Everyone has at one point or another lost something. Nothing quite matches that frantic feeling of scouring through your couch, nightstand, or car for something that was there just a moment ago. What if you could find your lost stuff easily and precisely with your smartphone? An entire industry has sprung into action for this very scenario and several device makers, including Tile and Samsung, have created smart tags for help locating things. Apple saw a market ripe for entry and dove in headfirst with its AirTags. Check out all the benefits of AirTags below!

Benefits of Apple AirTags

Here are 11 benefits that you get by owning Apple AirTags:

1. AirTags Work Amazingly in the Apple Ecosystem

As you’d expect from any Apple product, your AirTag will work flawlessly with all of your other Apple devices, especially your iPhone. Especially when you compared them with other popular trackers like Tile, the AirTag is way easier to use.

One great advantage of AirTags is that they are incredibly easy to use. In fact, they might be too easy to use. Wake your iPhone, bring the tag near the iPhone, tap a couple of permissions buttons, and bingo they are instantly paired. It takes mere seconds to get AirTags up and running on your iPhone. Attach the tag to whatever you want to track, and you’re all set.

Location tracking is ridiculously precise. AirTags rely on multiple technologies to work. There’s Bluetooth, ultra-wideband, and Apple’s Find My network, which is created by the more-than-one-billion iOS devices out in the world.

Using the Find My app, you can initiate a search for a lost item and it will emit an audible chirp. The chirp is loud enough (60dB) to hear in a quiet house, but you might miss it if the TV is on. Simply follow the sound to your item. We were able to find an AirTag hidden in various places around a house in just moments. It works with Siri on your phone, Watch, iPad, or HomePod. Just say, “Hey, Siri, find my keys,” and Siri will automatically ping the associated AirTag, which will then begin emitting a sound.

2. AirTag makes it easy to keep track of your stuff.

AirTags are just such a product. Apple designed these little trackers to do one kind of thing: help you find your lost stuff. And they do that well! Very well, in fact. Attach one to your keys, slip another in your backpack. And just like that, they’re on your radar in the Find My app, where you can also track down your Apple devices and keep up with friends and family.

Aside from the obvious things – keys, a purse, a backpack, etc. – AirTags can be used to track some less common items. You could stick one under your bicycle seat; you could put one in a musical instrument case; you could even tape one to a remote that you misplace often (though that’s a bit clunky).

Now, there will be several instances where you might not feel the need for any sort of object to attach your AirTags to your important items. If you want to track some luggage, a purse, or even something like a jacket, you can toss the AirTag in there and forget about it until it’s time to change the battery.

3. Tracking AirTags is very efficient

One of the major benefits of AirTags will probably be to find your keys. Most people misplace their keys from time to time, and this can be quite stressful, if you think you’ve lost them. You’ll be able to use the Find My app (or ask Siri) to see if you left your keys in the office, in the car, or at a friend’s house.

4. Privacy

What’s really impressive about AirTags and how they interact with the Find My network is that all of this was built with privacy in mind, which is a little strange for a tracker. But Apple thought about things like anti-stalking protections, as well as protecting the devices that help you track down your lost items.

First, all the communication between your iPhone and your AirTag is end-to-end encrypted. This includes all the devices that ping a lost AirTag that you’re trying to find. What this means is that no one, not even Apple, has any information on the devices that relayed your AirTag’s location back to you. These devices are all anonymous, including from you, and AirTags utilizes rotating secure Bluetooth identifiers to increase the privacy of the Find My network.

5. AirTags Are Also Super Secure

Another great advantage of Apple AirTags is that there are safety precautions built right into the device. We all know that there are bad actors out there, and it would be just a matter of time before someone tried to use an AirTag to track an unsuspecting person. Thankfully, Apple has built in security restrictions that are designed to prevent an AirTag for being used for unwanted and secretive tracking purposes.

Let’s say someone is trying to use an AirTag to track your location and see where you’re going in real life. When your iPhone “senses” an AirTag’s been following you for a long time without the owner being nearby, you’ll receive a notification telling you that there’s an AirTag near you. When this happens, you’ll be able to play a sound to find the AirTag, after which you can discard it as you see fit, or at the very least, remove its battery. That way, you can avoid any unwanted or unnecessary tracking from an AirTag.

6. Apple AirTag have good Battery

AirTags use a replaceable CR2032 battery that is designed to last about a year before it needs to be replaced. The batteries are user replaceable, and to swap out a battery, you can press and twist on the back panel of the AirTag to pop it off.

If your AirTag is low on battery life, you’ll get a notification that the battery needs to be replaced.

7. AirTags are highly durable

Apple’s products are known for being reliable in the long term, and the AirTag is not an exception.

Another great advantage of AirTags is that they are more durable than you might expect. Of course, they have to be, especially if you’re carrying them on your keys all day. Still, AirTags are certified IP67 water- and dust-resistant. You can drop them in water for some time, and nothing will happen to them. This makes the AirTag a perfect companion for when you’re commuting to work or camping in the wild. AirTags can stand up to a lot, and they are well designed for most of the extreme conditions they’ll encounter. Don’t worry too much about how you treat them, and, by all means, don’t buy AirTag screen protectors.

8. Anyone Can Find, Identify and Return Your Stuff

If you can’t find your stuff near you, you can easily see where your AirTag and your items are by following the indications on your iPhone 11 or iPhone 12. However, that doesn’t work if you’re too far away from your things. For that reason, Apple added a feature that lets other people use their smartphones to identify your AirTag to find who it belongs to.
Notice that I didn’t just say iPhones. People with Android phones can scan the AirTags too.
After you pair your AirTag, you’ll need to give it a name, as well as enter a phone number. If someone happens to find your AirTag, that name and number will show up when they scan the AirTag.

9. Returning lost AirTags is easy

If you come across a lost AirTag, or if someone comes across your lost AirTag, it can be scanned with any smartphone that’s equipped with NFC to bring up contact information.

This works on iPhones and Android devices, so if you find an item, give it a scan to locate the owner. If in Lost Mode, the AirTag will also relay its location back to the owner through the ‌Find My‌ network.

10. Keep track of 16 items simultaneously

Each Apple ID can be associated with up to 16 AirTags, so you can keep track of 16 items at one time.

11. AirTags Will Fit (Almost) Anywhere

The first thing you’ll notice about the AirTag is how small it is. It’s about the size of a coin, albeit a bit thicker. That said, your AirTag can virtually fit anywhere. You can put an AirTag in your bag, backpack, with your keys, and even in your wallet—if it’s big enough. There are even third-party accessories to put your AirTag in your glasses. They’re perfect for both big and small things you carry with you every day.

These are the benefits of Apple AirTags

These, according to us, are the 11 best advantages of Apple AirTag. When used for its intended purpose, the Apple AirTag is an amazingly effective product for finding lost items. Around your house, it can be an essential time-saver in help finding lost keys, bags, or other vital items. It locates your missing stuff quickly, audibly, and precisely. Moreover, the strength of Apple’s Find My network means lost AirTags (and the attached stuff!) can be located from many miles away just as easily as around your home. These products are a no-brainer purchase for iPhone owners who want to keep tabs on their valuables or essentials.

Since you often can’t put a price tag on losing something, the Apple AirTag is a priceless purchase — if you’ve got an iPhone.
Bottom line, if you’re an iPhone or iPad owner and want the best way to track down lost gear, the Apple AirTag is the best option for you.

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