6 Best iOS Tips and Tricks Worth Knowing in 2022

Are you wondering how you can get the most out of iOS? Apple devices contain numerous features, some of which you may not uncover even if you have been using the device for years. The good news is that when Apple releases updates, all phones that are supported get it. In terms of security, iOS wins. In fact, Apple’s new operating system, iOS 14, is considered a security and privacy game changer.

One great feature that applies to privacy is that app developers are expected to be more forthcoming with the data they collect. Users can also better manage permission of any app they download. Whether you are using the latest iOS 14 or you are okay with the previous versions, here are tips and tricks you can use to make the most out of your iOS devices.

Unknown Callers Blocked

If you are tired of finding apps that can help you block unknown callers, iOS 13 may be the solution you are looking for. IOS 13, which was launched in September 2019, delivers improved features that include silencing unknown callers.
That way, you can only focus on contacts you want to hear from, including known numbers in your phone book, mail, and messages. When an unknown person tries to reach you, their number is automatically directed to voicemail, eliminating the hustle of rejecting or blocking calls on your own.

Download Large Apps Using Cellular Data

Apple has put measures to prevent the download of large apps or files that exceed the set cellular data limits. In such cases, most people wait to use Wi-Fi. If you must download the file or app urgently, you simply need to go to settings, then app download and disable the limit. This is advantageous for those with no limited data plan or who have unstable Wi-Fi connections.

Ability to Go Into Self-Destruct Mode

Most of the time, we want to increase our iPhone’s security, so we input a complex passcode that we are likely to forget in a few weeks. But maybe your device got into the wrong hands. In such a case, you would want data not to be stolen. In such a situation having an iPhone is an advantage because it takes ten wrong passcodes for the phone to enter into self-destruct mode.
If you are the one who forgot your password, after the fifth failed attempt, iOS offers a timeout before you can get the chance to type the passcode.

Use Cool Apple Map Features

Yes, you may have used cycling directions in Apple Maps. But did you know that Apple allows you to customize your cycling process? You can easily include side roads and bike lines on your route. You can also check to see which hills and busy roads to avoid. However, not all areas have cycling directions.

To find out if you have detailed cycling directions on your iOS device, start by opening Apple Maps. Next, use the search bar to look for tracks, then tap on the bicycle option. If the directions are available in your area, you will get an overview of the road, distance, and time covered while cycling.
You can also share map directions to your iPhone from Mac as long as both devices are signed in using the same Apple ID. By using two fingers, you can also change the map from 2D to 3D mode.

Trackpad and Mouse Support

The trick is for an iPad user running on iOS 13. Thanks to the trackpad and mouse support, the iPad has become more like a computer. The mouse pointer, which looks like a circular dot, only appears when you touch the trackpad. It’s easier to manipulate text as you can also zoom, select specific parts, copy and paste it.

Sign Documents

People with MacOs will be happy to know that they can use their devices to sign a document without downloading any app. You can sign work documents, especially if you cannot physically be there. Nowadays, schools often send documents for parents through email, and you can easily use your Mac to sign them.
Simply open the document, select the pencil icon found at the top section, and use the signature logo. Additionally, if you are spending more time searching for specific icons on the iPad screen, you can easily find them in the control center and drag them back to the Menu bar.

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