Can the Apple Watch Series 8 measure blood pressure?

By Kevin Hollington - Staff Writer
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The Apple Watch Series 8 offers cool features such as heart rate measurements, statistics revolving around exercise and active calorie burning, and much more. Does it support blood pressure measurements, though?

The Apple Watch Series 8 misses out on blood pressure measurements

As of 2022, non of the released Apple Watch models supports blood pressure measurements, and that includes the Apple Watch Series 8. So if you intend to purchase this wearable for this particular purpose, you may want to look into a dedicated medical device instead. Notably, Apple advises customers not to depend on its watches as medical devices. So if you suspect you have a certain medical condition, consult your doctor immediately.

Apple Watch Series 8 keeps on with the same sizes that launched with Apple Watch Series 7. That’s 45 and 41mm cases and a larger display that’s 20% bigger than Series 4-6/SE and 50% larger than Series 3. However, New with Apple Watch Series 8 is a temperature sensor that enables advanced cycle tracking and new hardware to detect car crashes.

Apple’s temperature sensor measures skin temperature, similar to how other wearables work. The measurements are collected at night while sleeping, and it takes five days for the watch to collect enough data to establish a starting baseline. (According to Apple, the baseline temperature will keep calibrating over time.) From that point on, the measurements only show up in Apple’s Health App on the iPhone, under Skin Temperature.

One more immediately useful area for temperature-sensing data is ovulation tracking, another new watch feature. Similar to how Fitbit and Oura already work, the temperature shifts are used to track fertility cycles, as well as possible interruptions.

The Apple Watch Series 8 also offers great features such as an Always-On display, fast charging, and ECG.

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If you’re willing to pay more for AOD, ECG, Blood Oxygen monitoring, and the other exclusives, then consider buying an Apple Watch Series 8.

By Kevin Hollington Staff Writer
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