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Security is an integral part of electronic devices. This is why most computer and phone users put password or PIN codes on their devices. These passwords keeps their important data secure and ensure a feeling of safety. However, we sometimes forget these essential passwords and it becomes impossible to access our own devices. Indeed, we often remember frequently used passwords such as one we used for our mobile. But, the passwords that we use less such as Windows password, there are changes that we can forget it. Suppose you’ve locked your Windows 7, and now you want to bypass Windows 7 password to regain access to your data as soon as possible. You may be looking for reasonable and efficient ways to bypass Windows 7 admin password. Don’t worry, we got your back.

This article will show you exactly how to bypass windows 7 password if locked out. Continue reading.

Part 1: Bypass Windows 7 Password with Command Prompt

Command Prompt is an easy yet free way to reset your forgot Windows 7 Administrator password, but it’s challenging and risky to perform Command Prompt especially for non tech-savvy users. If you’re a computer geek then this method will be appropriate for you. It’s easy and totally free! You simply need to prepare a Windows installation CD that can be used to boot your Windows 7 computer, then bypass Windows 7 password by executing a few commands. Simply follow these steps:

Step 1: insert your windows installation cd to computer then make boot from cd. do so you need sure set as the first order in bios.

Step 2: After restarting your PC and wait for the installation interface to appear, simply press SHIFT + F10 to bring up the command prompt.

Step 3: In the command box, go ahead and replace the Sticky Keys application (sethc.exe) with cmd.exe by entering the command below: Please keep a copy for it handy in order to restore it later.

move d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe.bak

Step 4: After the utilman.exe is replaced successfully, go ahead and type wpeutil command to reboot your PC.

Step 5: Once the restart process is complete, you will be presented with a “Easy of Access” button in the login screen. Click it to launch a command prompt with admin permission. Now, we can activate the super admin account by executing the command below.

net user Administrator /active:yes

Step 6: After the administrator account is activated, then you can go ahead and login Windows 7 without password. After you login your system then you can reset or re-create password of any other accounts in the control panel. You can also directly reset a new password in the command box by typing command below.

net user username new_password

Step 7: After the password is reset successfully, you need to restore the Utility manager by executing the following command:

copy d:\ utilman.exe d:\ windows \ system32 \ utilman.exe”

After the command is completed successfully, the new password has been successfully reset. Then reboot your PC and login your Windows 7 with new password.

Candidly speaking, when you’re locked out of Windows 7, I don’t suggest you perform this method if you’re not tech-savvy, if you persist in that, you may cause damage to your PC or lose system data, all at your own risk. I suggest you take a look at the Part 2 and then determine which method is the best.

Part 2: Bypass Windows 7 password with third-party tool

You can use a professional but safe program – PassFab 4WinKey software to bypass Windows 7 password without system reinstallation. The tool will help you retrieve the lost or forgotten windows password and grant your access to your computer in just three easy steps. Here is how:


  1. To get started, download and install PassFab 4WinKey on a spare Mac or Windows PC. Then, open the software, and you will be presented with its main interface.
  2. On this screen, you will be presented with various options to create a bootable password reset disk. For example, you can select a CD/DVD or USB flash drive. Select the device and hit ‘Next’ to continue.
  3. You will see a warning saying that your boot device will lose all its data due to formatting. Click on ‘Next’ to initiate the process of creating the bootable disk.
  4. Wait for the the burning process to complete.


  1. To start, go ahead and insert the bootable USB/ DVD/CD to the locked computer.
  2. Now, restart the computer and press F12 or ESC to bring up the BIOS menu.
  3. From the BIOS setting screen, navigate to the Boot menu and change the booting sequence from Hard Drive to USB.
  4. Save and close the BIOS menu.


After you close the BIOS settings, your PC will restart. This time around, your computer will boot from the Password Reset Disk. As such, you will see the PassFab 4Winkey interface. Suppose you want to remove Windows password:

  1. Simply go ahead and choose which Windows you wish to remove the account and password and then hit ‘Next’ to continue. Wait for a few minutes and the login password of your Windows 7 computer will be successfully removed.
  2. Click on ‘Reboot’ and eject the reset disk. This will restart your PC, and you will be able to log into your windows 7 computer without any password.

Highlights of PassFab 4WinKey

  • No need to reinstall Windows system and does not erase data
  • Create a Windows password reset disk (USB/CD/DVD) in one click
  • Only 3 simple steps to reset forgotten Windows local administrator, domain and other user account passwords.
  • Compatible with all kinds of computer brands including Dell, Hp, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Samsung etc.
  • Compattible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, etc. and Windows server.
  • Does not require professional skills to use

The bottom line

If you are in a situation of forgotten Windows 7 password, you may want to know how to bypass Windows 7 admin password. This article explained two different methods to bypass Windows 7 password and regain access to your computer and important data. You can choose any method that suits you. We recommend bypassing Windows 7 password with PassFab 4WinKey because it is effective than other methods. In addition, you don’t have to reinstall your operating system, no data loss or damage. The method will help you bypass Windows 7 password in no time.

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