How to fast charge Apple Watch Ultra as quickly as possible

Three Apple Watch Ultra devices, each with a different band, are shown in profile and overhead.

Want to learn how to fast charge your Apple Watch Ultra? We explain everything you need to know.

One of the big new features added to the Apple Watch 7 and carried over to the Apple Watch Ultra was fast charging. Here’s how to ensure you’re charging your Apple Watch Ultra as quickly as possible.

While this might seem a little obvious, the Apple Watch Ultra will only utilise its fastest charging speeds when used with a certain cable and plug – so it’s best to make sure you’re doing it right.

There are also no visual cues as to how fast the Apple Watch Ultra will charge when you plug it in, but following this guide will make sure that you do it properly. In terms of how quickly you can get from 0-100%, in our review we got a full charge in an hour, and 20% (enough for a night’s sleep) in 10 minutes.

What you’ll need to fast charge the Apple Watch Ultra

  • An Apple Watch Ultra (this will also work with Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Series 7)
  • The included USB-C charging cable (it needs to be this specific one)
  • A plug with a USB-C port

How to charge Apple Watch ultra faster

Step 1: Get your USB-C plug ready

To fast charge an Apple Watch Ultra, you need to have a USB-C plug ready and these are no longer included with the wearable. Instead, you could use the same plug you use to charge a recent iPhone, iPad or USB-C laptop.

Step 2: Attach the cable that came with your Apple Watch

Once you’ve got your USB-C plug, you’ll need to get the USB-C to Apple Watch magnetic charger that’s included with the Apple watch Ultra. You need to use this specific cable to charge the Apple Watch Ultra faster, as an older Apple Watch cable will charge at a slower rate. Plug the cable into the USB-C plug.

Step 3: Pop on the Apple Watch

Next, just pop the Apple Watch Ultra onto the magnetic charger and it should start juicing up at the faster speeds.

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