How To Pair AirPods With An Android Phone

Indeed, you can use AirPods with products that aren’t made by Apple.

Apple made it simple to pair AirPods across all of its devices in a matter of split second.

But since AirPods are made by Apple and integrated with Apple products, that doesn’t inhibit you from using them as Bluetooth headsets

with non-Apple devices.

You can pair AirPods to a PC, an Android phone, Mac as well as an Apple TV with the same Bluetooth pairing process we’ve become accustomed to — and grown to dislike, for that matter.

How to pair AirPods with an android device

Launch the Bluetooth settings screen on the device you intend to pair your AirPods with.

With the AirPods still in the charging case, flip open the lid.

On the back of the case, you’ll notice a small circular button, press and hold it for a couple of seconds.

Once the indicator light between the earbuds begins flashing white, release the button.

The AirPods will appear in the pairing menu on your device, select them and follow the on-screen prompts.

As expected, if you’re using a Non Apple product you’ll have to sacrifice some features. You won’t have the ability to switch between devices or a battery

indicator. But they’ll still do the job. When I temporarily connected a pair of AirPods to an S10, a double-tap on either earbud paused and resumed the


Do this on each device you want to use the AirPods with. If you encounter any problem during the pairing process, Apple suggests opening the lid

and holding firmly on the circular button on the back until the indicator light flashes amber. Release the button, close the lid, and try again.