How To Turn On Low Power Mode on Any iPhone

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The Low power mode is one of the battery saving features in the iPhone. The feature is gaining popularity as more and more iOS users
are using this feature toImprove iPhone Battery Life
Low power mode in iPhone is an important feature among users, who play power-hangry games like Pokemon Go
and other battery consuming apps. Low Power Mode enhances your iPhone’s battery life span by disabling a number of background activity, such as motion effects, animated wallpapers, fetching mail, disabling “Hey Siri” and decreasing
Auto-Lock time. It is recommended when your battery reach 20% and 10%.
At present, almost all our activities are directly or indirectly related to our smartphones, and in such situations, battery drain is a major issue for everyone.
Apple understands the issue very well and therefore , introduced a low-power mode option. Apple states that by turning on the low power mode, the iOS device
will get extra three hours of battery life.
Here’s how to enable low power mode (iPhone only, iPads do not support this feature).

How to Enable Low Power Mode on iPhone

Step 1: Open Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on Battery.

Step 3: Locate the Low Power Mode switch and turn it on.

Low Power Mode automatically disables itself when battery life reaches 80%.

At this point in time, virtually all smartphone makers are working hard to enhance their battery performance, because it is one of the important features for increasing

their market.Apple has always been on the front-line with innovations; low power mode is certainly a welcome feature amongst all iPhone users.

That’s all folks.

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