I Found The Cheapest Way To Get New iPhone Every Year

iPhone 12 is just around the corner and you are probably excited about it, but you are probably preparing to cry over your wallet when it comes out as usual. The good news is that, there is a cheapest way to get new iPhone every year without losing any money.
I have been using the top of the line iPhones for the last three years and I have been upgrading without losing my cash on any of them, and you should be doing the same as well.
If you are reading this, you are probably one of the few nerds who have been going through the
new iPhone
rumours and getting hyped about it. You care enough about your Tech gadgets to reach GeeksModo and follow the Tech publications. And in case you are wondering, compared to the “normal” population, We are just a few.
So here’s how to get new iPhone every year…

Sell your current iPhone now!

You probably own
this year
last year’s iPhone.
The first thing you should do is put your phone on eBay and Facebook Marketplace. Why now? because it is the most opportune time to sell it. Most of the people you do not know only care about is the fact that this iPhone is the latest — so far. They hardly even know when the next one will come out and even if, they don’t really care. But once the new iPhone is released, your current one will sharply devalue, If you still hold it.

But the next iPhone is not out yet, what would I use?

Find an extra phone lying around and pop your sim in it. go retro for a change, or maybe re-explore old phones. There is always an extra phone somewhere, don’t make an excuse for it.

Do not Pre-order immediately

Chances are you will be probably watching Apple’s Keynote and getting excited about the new iPhone and preparing to hit that pre-order button.
Well, Don’t!
Wait for it to be released, many enthusiastic fans will start buying, people will start upgrading their contracts as well. A few weeks later, You will see many “Sealed latest iPhone” ads on eBay and other Marketplace websites. They will usually sell for $100–$200 Cheaper than the retail price. This is when you purchase.
…and then do the same next year.
Doing so I always manage to get my hands on the new iPhone without losing any money when selling my
or worst case $100 loss. not bad, hah?

Looking for a better deal?

Another cheapest way to get new iPhone every year involves a planned vacation to one of the cheap tourist countries such as Egypt, Morocco or Southeast Asia. iPhones in these countries usually sell much higher — due to insane taxes- and this means that secondhand market will also make you more money than you would expect. As a frequent traveller to one of these countries, I have tried this a couple of times and it works like magic!

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